Nintendo tire of Xbox One and PS4 Talk, they want to regain Momentum


Iwata acknowledged the company is not ready to cover all genres and types of games on the market today: “The fact is that there are areas of game creation in which Nintendo is very good but there are other things that we take for easy. “he said. Therefore, the support of third party studies is vital: “There are many fans of Nintendo software, but at the same time, that kind of players sometimes want to play some other things on our platform. Therefore need the support of the third parties, so that our platform is complete. ”

In an interview with IGN, the global head of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata said that the company is ready to regain the momentum from the Wii U in the market and strengthen their titles produced by third parties.

For now, some of the companies that have supported more strongly Wii U are SEGA, with their upcoming title Sonic for the console, and Ubisoft, which will bring the same games like Rayman Legendsand Splinter Cell: Blacklist . However, other companies like Activision have had reserves to support the company, and some unique past, as Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut , appear on other platforms. Only the future will tell if Wii U will regain its momentum in the market.

regain momentum from whom, it could only be all the PS4 and Xbox One talk! What do you guys think?

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