A week after the launch of Nintendo Switch hackers gained access to the hybrid system ‘s operating system, and apparently, the situation is related to Apple.

As is customary Nintendo, the switch is closed, ie, you can not be loaded by external applications created without the approval of the company ‘s operating system. However, the user qwertyuiop finally agreed within the console, revealing an image through Twitter.

Apparently, Switch has a very similar to IOS operating system, so qwertyuiop ran an old jailbreak that worked perfectly in the Nintendo system. This is an exploit that served one year ago and iOS systems, so we see, was not patched for the version of Nintendo.

Although Switch does not have a built-in browser, Apple uses WebKit to process web pages, which works to link accounts like Twitter or Facebook. It seems that qwertyuiop found an important vulnerability in this version of WebKit, and from there gained access to the operating system of the console.

For now, qwertyuiop is working on improving his hack, because planning a tool to access the operating system Nintendo Switch more easily.

Clearly Nintendo soon will correct this vulnerability, and so far we recommend not modify your Nintendo Switch, although you have the last word about what you do, or not, with your console.

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