Nintendo releases new update for the Wii U

Nintendo releases new update 3.1.0 for the Wii U

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Last night, Nintendo released the 3.1.0 version of Wii U software, which, among other things, sets the stage for the second major update ( the first was launched in April ) that the company promised in January. This minor improvement system becomes more stable and reliable, and also made ​​some adjustments to produce a better user experience.

Similarly, it allows the Wii U periodically connect to the Internet when the system is off, to download information from SpotPass, system upgrades or other software. The functionality is similar to that enjoyed by users Plus on PlayStation 3: the system software updates installed automatically while it is turned off, if it is a new version of the operating system, it will be installed the next time the console turns on.

We must not confuse this update with version was supposed to be released in summer to improve the loading speed of the menus, as Nintendo said that arrive until late September and early October. Those wishing to install the newly released 3.1.0 version should only update the system manually from the options menu. In my case, the process took about 30 minutes, but the experience could vary from person to person.

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