Do you have plans to purchase a SNES Classic Edition ? So it’s best to set it aside as soon as possible as it will be a limited product. This we say as Nintendo confirmed that they will stop producing it and distribute it once the year is over.

Through a statement (via Kotaku ) Nintendo of America said that its plan is to distribute the SNES Classic Edition “from September 29 until the end of 2017”. Also, the company made clear that, for the moment, they have nothing to announce about shipments for next year.

That said, you probably do not have so much trouble finding the SNES Classic Edition, as Nintendo plans to produce more units than it did in the NES Classic Edition. “We will not reveal any specific numbers, but we will produce [significantly more] Super NES Classic Edition than we did with the NES Classic Edition.”

“Our long-term efforts are focused on delivering great games for the Nintendo Switch and following the momentum for that platform, as well as serving the more than 63 million owners of the Nintendo 3DS system family. We are offering the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition as a special recognition for fans who have shown tremendous interest in our classic content, “Nintendo ended.

The SNES Classic Edition will debut on September 29 and will be available for $ 80 USD .

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