Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, in an interview said the company is not worried about the sale of used games.


The executive said that they understand that the employee’s securities market is how consumers can save money, but also explained that the strength of Nintendo games is its replay value: “Consumers want to play Mario Kart. Consumers want to play New Super Mario Bros . want to play Pikmin . So we see an exchange frequency Nintendo content much lower than the industry average. much, much less. ”

According to Fils-Aime, is because of this that the company has no plans to use technological means to alter the system of exchange and sale of used titles, trusting that, if you create good content, the consumer does not want to get rid of games.

With respect to the announcements that Xbox and Sony allow distributors to decide whether fees charged or even prohibit the resale of their games, the president of the American branch of Nintendo said: “The fact is we’ll see what happens with distributors , but it seems that the main have come and said they do not care about used games. ”

Similarly, according to the director, the reaction that viewers conference Sony had to listen to the policy on used games on the PlayStation 4 was a message not only to his company but “probably a greater message to the dealer that had been presented earlier in the day. ”

It should be noted that Nintendo has been very successful by selling their games online, which completely rule out the possibility of resale, exchange or lend the game. A clear example of this is the sale of nearly 1 million digital copies in Japan only Animal Crossing: New Leaf , which represents a quarter of total sales of the game.

Reginald Fils-Aime made it clear that, despite the growing success of its online store, Nintendo did not stop selling physical copies of games in the near future, since vendors have a very important role in their business model, as well to serve as a means for people to approach and meet new titles through consoles that stores like Best Buy or GameStop, are at your disposal: “We could not do a program like we do with Best Buy without power marketers and consumers to enable play 4 new deliveries that have not reached the market yet. ”

Finally, he said he did not know if the position in terms of titles used directly affect the sale of consoles, but that given the less restrictive policies of Nintendo, they do not have to worry about it. “For us it’s about the games. Want to bring consumers a great experience to play,” he said.

This is great about Nintendo with being okay with used game, what do you think about Nintendo’s point of view on Used Games.

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