Ninjala Chapter Two Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough for Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Two.

The Story: 

Berecca is sent to the city of Oedo by Master Genryusai on a top-secret ninja mission. There, she comes across Leonard, a man who supposedly died in an accident years ago along with her father. “Does this mean…Dad could also be alive!?” Berecca chases after Leonard, not realizing that she’s about to embroil herself in a dark conspiracy…

Chapter Rewards:
  • Shadow Ninja Mask
  • Utsusemi! Gorikimaru
  • Shishimai Distortion
  • Gorikimaru Hoodie
  • Gorikimaru Mask
  • Harubasho Overdrive

Ninjala Chapter Two Walkthrough

Episode 1 – Something Fishy in Oedo!? Follow Leonard!

Episode 2 – A Flower Blooms in Oedo! Berecca’s Close Call at the Baths

Episode 3 – The Terror of Oedo! A Beast is Released…

Episode 4 – Oedo in a Pinch! Defeat Robo-Yokozuna Gorikimaru!

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