Ninjala Chapter One Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough for Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter One.

The Story: 

Van is a ninja-in-training, who spends his days carrying out the missions assigned to him by his master. One day as he was going about his duties, he caught wind of a shocking kidnapping incident. Convinced that it was the work of the dastardly space ninja, Van’s master tasks him with the duty of rescuing the missing children and returning peace to the city.

Chapter Rewards:
  • Space Ninja Mask
  • Sparkling Space Ninja
  • Utsusemi Logo Soda
  • Loco Soda Cap
  • Loco Soda Backpack
  • Crazy Soda Rampage

Ninjala Chapter One Walkthrough

Prologue – It’s training time!

Episode 1 – Something suspicious is up! It’s time to investigate!

Episode 2 – Morph! Track! It’s a top secret mission!

Episode 3 – Use a gum boost to fly like the wind!

Episode 4 – Unleash the true power of Gum Ninjutsu!

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