In this guide it will provide you complete Nier Automata walkthrough

The Nier Automata walkthrough will guide you through the complete game and provide you with best in game strategy guide in which it will revealing different secrets and the best tactics to advance and defeat enemies. In addition, we will have all the weaponst that are available in the game and their different locations. Follow the walkthrough to get the best tips and tricks for Nier Automata and get all the secrets, trophies, unlockables and much more in the game.

In the Nier Automata we will provide you with the different gear, weapons, crafting and items that you will need to find in the game to be able to advance through it. Along with this the characters have different skills that you will need to master as you progress along the game and different locations, quests along with merchants in the game. Will also provide tips and guides on how to defeat the different bosses in the game.

Nier Automata Walkthrough Strategy Guide

Chapter 01: Prologue
Chapter 02: Resistance Camp
Chapter 03: Adam and Eve
Chapter 04: Mad Songstress
Chapter 05: Excavated Land
Chapter 06: King of the Forest
Chapter 07: Lost Child
Chapter 08: Copied City
Chapter 09: Deranged Religion
Chapter 10: Loss
Chapter 11: Full-scale Attack
Chapter 12: Memories of Sand
Chapter 13: Meat Box
Chapter 14: Pascal’s Despair
Chapter 15: Soul Box
Chapter 16: God Box
Chapter 17: The Tower

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