NieR Automata Combat Skills Guide and Tips

The guide will help you with tips for Nier Automata combat Skills

The combat system Nier Automata is based primarily on performing combos with sets of two weapons when fighting melee and shoot bullets, missiles or lasers when we battled our Pod distance.

Thus, depending on what weapon we have fitted in the first hole (which corresponds to square) and which in the second (triangle) we have at our disposal a series of combos or others. It is important to choose what we want to do the weak punches and what that of the strong, because the number of strokes that can give in each case and how to implement them varies considerably.

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There are four different types of weapons (swords, broadswords, spears and fists) and within each category each behaves in a very different way, so no two are alike weapons, which gives us a lot of freedom to experiment in search of the combination that best suits our needs and style preferences game.

As for our Pod, though at first only we have one that fires projectiles as if it were a machine gun, as we move forward we will be able to unlock other variants that allow us to fire missiles and lasers. In addition, each of them we can equip different skills when we get, like firing a powerful gun or even heal.

But more often is to use our Pod to attack distance, experience has taught us that it is a good idea to shoot well even when we fight melee, because bullets are endless and additional damage that we won and we add our gashes , so we recommend you always keep the R1 button pressed when you fight, regardless of the distance that you do.

Another key battles to dominate the movement we elusive, because here we can not defend or block punches, so this will be our only way to avoid enemy attacks. If pulsáis evade button at the right time when you are going to hit, you can make a powerful counterattack with which to start a new combo, so you ought to be, Learn the moves of rivals as soon as possible.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes we can stun enemies with our blows, allowing us to make a move shot if we go up to them and press Circle, but be careful, because during the animation will be able to take damage, so I do not recommend using them too.

Nor do I forget the objects of combat, and not referring only to the healing to recover your health, but also to improve some of our features for a few seconds, as well used greatly facilitate things, especially if we get some point level with little adventure.

Pirateando con 9S

9S when we play with the dynamics of the fighting changes slightly, as this character can only equip one weapon, so melee is no big deal and projectiles can take too long to finish with certain rivals. However, it has what is probably the most powerful weapon in the game: the ability to hack into enemies.

Instead of attacking, when you press triangle with him, if we keep it down for a few moments we can get inside rival that we had set the. This will allow us to play a little minigame style twin stick shooter with a very minimalist aesthetic in which we will have to end their core (or cores). This is usually protected by small enemies that we have to destroy before and difficulty of minigame depend on the enemy you’re trying to sabotage.

We have three shots before failing and if we lose we only removed some life and can return to try a new pirating without having to wait no recharge time, but if we hit the damages that will make clear to be huge, something that we can empower more still with certain chips to provoke fires or stun them, among other effects.

Something that makes this technique is incredibly powerful are the chips that regenerate life after spending several seconds without receiving a single blow, as time continues to pass (although the action remains frozen on the outside) when we are playing minigame so usually it gives time to recharge lifetime without that we can stick every time we try to hack something.

Note that this action can also be used out of combat to open chests or unlock access to certain places.

The A2 mode Berserker

A2 has the unique ability to enter Berserker mode, through which can significantly increase your damage to press L3 and R3 simultaneously, although this comes at the cost of sacrificing our whole defense, so that the blows we receive will kill us almost without our noticing. It is very spectacular, although we recommend only using this resource in the most desperate situations and when you need to quickly end a fight.

Moreover, A2 is controlled substantially equal to 2B, although evasion movement is considerably longer and useful.

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