New XCOM: CHIMERA SQUAD installment to debut next week – Gameplay Overview

If you are a lover of the XCOM franchise, we have excellent news for you. Firaxis and 2K Games surprise announced a new installment of the saga. This is XCOM: Chimera Squad, which will arrive next week on PC.

According to the companies, the title will offer a new story in the series universe. XCOM: Chimera Squad will retain the characteristic turn-based tactical combat and tell us the story of a major conflict.

The title takes place 5 years after the events of XCOM 2, where humans and aliens try to cooperate to create a new civilization. In XCOM: Chimera Squad we will meet City 31, a model of peace without invasions.

“But not all inhabitants of Earth support the interspecies alliance. The Chimera Squad, an elite command made up of human and alien agents, must join efforts to destroy the threats that push the city into chaos, ”says part of its description.

XCOM: Chimera Squad will be released for PC, via Steam, on April 24. It will be offered at a special price of $9.99 until May 1. Later it will cost $19.99. Below you can see its Gameplay Overview detailing some of its mechanics and components:

XCOM: Chimera Squad – Gameplay Overview

As you could see, each of the agents in your special team will have special tactical abilities. You will visit different districts of City 31 to find dangers and eradicate them as soon as possible.

At launch, the title will feature 11 agents, who will be distinguished by their fighting style and personality. Some of them will be able to work together to execute powerful combined attacks.

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