The New Super Mario Bros. U C0-op  can is can be played with crossover controllers.

new super mario bros.

One of the best thing I would have to say is that with New Super Mario Bros. U you get to play 5 players 1 on Wii u controller and 4 on the Wii controllers, and if your a owner of a Wii then you probably have a controller or two laying around so that mean you won’t have to wait to buy new controllers to play this game.

The person behind the Wii U controller can be great help or the reason you die. The Wii u will allow you to put platforms down anywhere on your handheld screen. like for me I would put platforms over pits so no one falls into them. but don’t forget there is a time limit to these platform. That not all you can do, you will be able to help your friends and family get items and clear path ways. Just hope the person behind the controller don’t make it harder for you. The Wii u will allow you to block your allies and even get them killed.

I personally had a great time playing this game with my friend and it was great game, better then the one for the Wii. I got to play as both as Mario and the person behind the controller. I helped people get items and saved them from the pits. and as for being Mario. I was in the middle of the fastest run contest. got second place We personally went with the clear path strategy but the person who won had more time to play with it haha oh well better luck next time.

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