New Pokémon GO Microtransactions have arrived

Niantic announced that to celebrate the end of the year will be new microtransactions in Pokémon GO. So, fans of the game can pay to acquire objects that help them in their adventure to become a Pokémon master.

In this way, from December 25 to 30 there will be 3 types of boxes -Special, Great and Ultra- which will offer you different objects in exchange for Pokécoins. On the other hand, from December 31 to January 3 the Bronze, Silver and Gold boxes will be available.

Here is the contents of the special boxes and their price.

  • Special Box: 10 Great Balls and two Egg Incubators for 250 PokéCoins. 
  • Great Box: 20 Great Balls, two Incenses, and four Egg Incubators for 550 PokéCoins.
  • Ultra Box: 20 Ultra Balls, 25 Incenses, and 6 Egg Incubators for 1,500 PokéCoins.

According to Niantic, the Bronze, Silver and Gold boxes will offer incense, eggs, different types of Pokéballs and bait modules. To give you an idea of the prices of these boxes, remember that you can get 100 Pokécoins in exchange for $0.99 USD.

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