A new Friday the 13th Game is under development

A new Friday the 13th Game is under development

According to EGM , they are currently developing a new set of Friday the 13th, which would serve the ccompany the reboot of the franchise and in both theaters, in film.

According says that environment, it will be a multiplayer title that we can take the role of murderer Jason Voorhees either of their victims; in addition, it is planned to go out during October this year. The study is creating it was not disclosed, although it is said that more details of the game will arrive in the coming weeks.

The most recognized game Friday the 13th was released for the NES in February 1989. It was a survival horror published by LJN where users controlled to June 1 camp counselors whose aim was to find and defeat Jason Voorhees, while they had to rescue children from the hands of the murderer.

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