Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review

The guys at CyberConnect 2 bring us the fourth title in the series of manga inspired fighting game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3  and are proud for it having the most fighters on their roster.

Since the announcement of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 rumors about its improvements , the gameplay and the characters that appear in it have not stopped arise at any time. Well, it’s time to get out of every possible question and delve fully into this fourth installment of the saga.

Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 begins with a lengthy prologue in which narrates the events surrounding the attack nine-tailed fox of the Hidden Village in the sheet in which the Fourth Hokage , Minato , lost his life to defend all his loved ones. After this introduction, we are placed just after the invasion of Pain to Konoha , so we get a reminder of everything that happened in the first part of the series as was the case with Generations . The game goes through various sagas as the meeting of the five Kages or the reunion of Team 7 to focus on the main thrust of this title fight: the Fourth Ninja War .

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In the story mode live firsthand all the events that have occurred since the defeat at the hands of Pain Naruto until the events currently taking place in the original manga Masashi Kishimoto . In this mode we get into the skin of several characters from the series itself as Naruto , Sasuke , Kakashi , Gai , etc. Each faces a number of challenges to be overcome in order to move ahead. Thus we have a broader view of everything going on in the ninja world.

Highlights as ultimate adventure is returning of the ” Boss Battle “or fights against bosses . They are present in quicktime events with which we have to click at the right time the buttons on the screen to tell us to see spectacular fight scenes high quality graphics that will leave more than one with an open mouth. If we get all the stars correctly on all the quicktime events, we unlock special bonuses that result in secret sequences that usually appear near the end of the battle, which adds all the more epic scene.

One of the new features that have been added to this form, and do not appear in the other games in the series, is called the Final Decision In the most important moments of the adventure we have the option to decide whether to continue in Legend Mode or Hero Depending on our choice changes the way forward and the difficulty of the following battles and scenes you see below. Also the reward are greater to overcome any challenge in Legend Mode in Hero mode.

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Also added to this ultimate adventure centered multilevel gender hack n ‘slash that bring more variety to the plot development and in some cases pose a challenge if you choose so overcome in Legend Mode. They must fight against multiple enemies while attacking us without any hesitation. During these small battles you can kill them all at once if we are quick and press the button that appears above the enemy that is already almost defeated.

The main plot of this ultimate adventure lasts between 9-10 hours , but can be extended considerably if we finish all the side quests and collect material for utensils ninja in stores or give us a tour of each and every one of villas ninja world where demand a hero to do some errands. Once you do all these tasks you will unlock a little adventure starring a very special character.

The scenes of villages and roads between villages are the same as those seen in both the manga and anime. Crossing them is no problem, as they are quite simple and straightforward. In some cases these are composed of only a straight passage.

If anything characterizes the saga Ultimate Ninja Storm is its 1 VS 1 battles in which in order to deploy all the powers of the typical heroes of the series. The fighting system is completely the same as the previous game, including special attacks of the main characters and their awakening (which appears to accumulate chakra when we have low health). Despite this, they were included as a new small second awakening that is activated by holding down the attack button and it brings up a golden aura around the subject that we are driving and triggering a powerful special attack. We can also transform in the middle of a combo to inflict more damage to your opponent.

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 As for the AI characters support, this has been significantly enhanced with new attacks so that in a way it is more helpful than before the fighting even more fun and frantic.

The scenarios have also been modified for some items that appear in them are fully destructible. But what stands out is the option to break the very limits of the stage and throw opponents outside. If we throw the contrary against the “cap” of the ring, this will crack a bit like a thick glass, so we have to pull a second time the opponent to the wall crumbling completely transparent finish and comes out offstage . Thus, the victory is instantaneous .

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is the game of the franchise more playable characters have. In total their are 80 heroes available in Naruto world excluding seven that are reinforcing . If we have to note that several of these characters have more than one version of themselves (Naruto, for example, has five) with different characteristics, different attacks and other clothing increases the number considerably.

However, some are missing which are playable in  theFinal Adventure and are not available to be managed in the other game modes ( Duel and Survival ). This is the case of the seven swordsmen of the mist, the brothers Ginkaku and Kinkaku and Edo Kages . Its a real shame that these characters, who have much relevance in the Fourth Ninja War , can not be selected and if they are present on campus a few of the first part of the series .

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The graphics are significantly improved over previous versions, since the dreaded sawtooth seem to have disappeared almost completely. Vivid colors and fluidity of movement are also one of the characteristic features of these titles, so in this case its no exception.

At times it seems that we are even seeing an episode of the animated series, but better animatedIn particular, it shows for the ultimate adventure , as they have videos longer than twenty minutes , the same time that an episode of the anime.

The music puts us squarely in history with melodies based on the television series, but these have a personality that makes them unique. Although, in some cases, some of these tunes can be quite repetitive.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is a back to basics after Generations . Overall it is a very complete game and well run both technically and visually. But do not forget that we have seen this in previous installments of the series.  In particular, it has many new features, but it provides little more freshness to give a title, adding the on-line mode , will delight all fans.

Score: 8.5/10

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