Mortal Kombat X: Get Ready Predator arrives next week

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros announced today that Predator DLC debut on Mortal Kombat X is on July 7 for the Kombat Pack, which also included Tanya and Jason; the rest of mortals will have to wait a week, that is, until July 14, but if you think about, is not much time actually.

Also, as a preparation for the arrival of intergalactic hunter, NetherRealm conduct a special stream on Monday July 6.  Take a look at our Mortal Kombat X Strategy guide for some great tips.

Take a look below some Predator gameplay which shows and includes thermal vision, invisibility, green blood, retractable blades on his forearms and his macabre laughter.

The cost of this character for those not acquired as part of the Pack Kombat Season Pass will be $4.99 USD.

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