Mortal Kombat X Character Variations

Here is the Mortal Kombat X Character Variations Guide to help you determine which of the 3 different variations in the game you would like to choose. Each variation is different, see below the complete list for all MKX Character Variations:

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Chracter Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3
Cassie Cage Spec Ops Hollywood Brawler
D’Vorah Brood Mother Swarm Queen Venomous
Ermac Spectral Mystic Master of Souls
Erron Black Marksman Gunslinger Outlaw
Ferra/Torr Ruthless Vicious Lackey
Goro Tigrar Fury Kuatan Warrior Dragon Fangs
Jacqui Briggs Shotgun Full Auto High Tech
Jax Briggs Pumped Up Heavy Weapons Wrestler
Johnny Cage A-List Fisticuffs Stunt Double
Kano Commando Cutthroat Cybernetic
Kenshi Possessed Balanced Kenjutsu
Kitana Mournful Royal Storm Assassin
Kotal Kahn Sun God Blood God War God
Kung Jim Ancestral Bojutsu Shaolin
Kung Loa Hat Trick Tempest Buzz Saw
Liu Kang Flame Fist Dragon’s Fire Dualist
Mileena Ethereal Piercing Ravenous
Quan Chi Summoner Sorcerer Warlock
Raiden Master of Storms Thunder God Displacer
Reptile Noxious Deceptive Nimble
Scorpion Inferno Ninjutsu Hellfire
Shinnok Imposter Bone Shaper Necromancer
Sonya Blade Covert Ops Demolition Special Forces
Sub-Zero Grandmaster Cryomancer Unbreakable
Takeda Shirai Ryu Lasher Ronin
Tanya Deceiver Edenian Guard Manipulator
Tremor Copycat Elemental Fugitive
Jason Voorhees Stalker Undead Uber
Predator Hunter Trophy Collector Extraterrestrial


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