The Mortal Kombat X How to unlock Alternate Costumes skins in the game will provide you below with a list of all the ones that you can acquire in the game through either progression of the tower, in the Krypt, purchasing them with Koins and through the mobile app that is provided.

Mortal Kombat all Character Alternate Costumes Skins Unlocked

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– D’Vorah Kytinn Queen Skin: Chamber of Bones area of the Krypt (-7, 12) for 1240 Koins.

– Jacqui Boot Camp Skin: From the Krypt for 1900 Koins. Location: Garden of Despair, Coordinates -8, 8.

– Jax Farmer Skin: Through the mobile app.

– Johnny Cage Ninja Mime Skin: Through the MKX mobile app

– Mileena Tournament Skin: Cemetery Grounds area of the Krypt (-23, 10) for 540 Koins.

– Kitana Klassic Skin: Through the MKX mobile app.

– Mileena Klassic Skin: Through the MKX mobile app.

– Kitana Tournament Skin: Complete the normal Tower, OR Frozen Graves area of Krypt (1, 6) for 980 Koins.

– Liu Kang Tournament Skin: Khans Fortress area of the Krypt (1, 11) for 940 Koins.

– Reptile Tournament Skin:  Kavern of Doom area of the Krypt (15, 16) for 470 Koins.

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