Monster Hunter XX demo for Switch is now available

If you are looking forward to playing Monster Hunter XX for Switch, we have some great news. As you recall, Capcom announced that there would be a trial version for the new Nintendo console. As promised, the company today released the title demo, which can now be downloaded from the Japanese eShop. Remember that the console has no regional lock, so you will not have a hard time trying Monster Hunter XX.

However, you must take into account that the demo will be completely in Japanese, so the language barrier will be the only one to overcome to fully enjoy this advance. If this does not matter to you, take into account that you will need in total 1.7 GB of free space on your console to be able to download it. You will also need to have a Japanese account.

Once you have the trial version, you can carry out several missions or hunting sessions, where you will face 3 different types of creatures. In addition, the demo will allow you to know the combat system, the various types of weapons and, of course, enjoy the entire Monster Hunter experience from the new Nintendo console.

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