Modern Warfare 3: How to Play Team Defender Mode

Here is another guide for Modern Warfare 3, this time we have How to Play Team Defender Mode. The goal here is how long you can hold the flag for, but you can't just roam around with your flag. You will need to make some decisions during the Team Defender Mode, one of them is do you get tags and what strategy you are doing to grab the tags and keeping the flag. Another tip is this mode is don't rush to get the flag, because as soon as you go and go get the flag the other team is ready to take  you down before you even get close enough to the flag.

Team Defender game type is for the competitor gamer who has skills to survive and to be able to make good damage against your opponent. Choose the right weapons in this game mode, so it all depends which weapons you choose to be successfull.  So enough with too much explaining and start watching the Modern Warfare 3: How to play team defender mode and get some tips noob!

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