Modern Warfare 3 Beginners Noobs Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

modern warfare 3

The modern warfare 3 beginners (noobs) guide will help any beginner or noob that has picked up this game for the first time and might be a little overwhel with unlockables, perks, and so on.  The MW3 beginners guide will also give you tips and tricks to be able to become a pro at mw3, along the way is not easy to play survival mode by yourself but is good as it allows you to get better at it.  We also have a full detail of the all the modern warfare intel locations and walkthrough that you can watch to help you get through this game. Learn the basics before getting onto the multiplayer so you won't die so fast, so take a look at the basics below. If you have any tips that you want to share, please do so by leaving your comment below.


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Know your weapons: Is crucial that you know how to use your weapons and which one you will be using, with the new progressive mode it will allow you to rank up with your weapon of choice.

Know the Maps: Learning the maps by memory is one of the best things you can do in MW3 as it allows you to be able to move around the map and expect any surprices.

Comunication is the key for MW3 multiplayer, the better you comunicate the more alive you will stay, specialy with the new modes where you can easy loose any match by giving away your tags easily. 

Know when to use your rewards that you unlock during the game. Don't waist them.

More tips coming soon! Check back with us

Modern Warfare 3 101: Beginners Tips and Tricks


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