Mini Dayz Strategy Guide How to Survive, Loot, Craft and Hunt (iOS/Android)

Welcome to the Mini Dayz Strategy guide where we will bring you the best tips, how to guides to survive, Loot, craft and hunt in the ios and android version. Mini Dayz takes after the PC game and with the aftermath you will need to survive in the game and team up with others to stay alive for as long as you want. Find how to find the best loot, craft the best items and hunt for what will help you survive.

Below take a look at some of the features that the game brings you and in which you will be able to take part to survive this game.

  • Explore a beautifully handcrafted, pixel-art-style open world map with signature buildings
  • Gear up your character and try to survive for as long as possible using tons of loot
  • Watch your health, hunger and thirst levels, prevent blood loss
  • Keep on surviving to improve your character stats, receive perks and collect achievements for your efforts
  • Grow plants, craft new items and build a makeshift base with campfire and fences
  • Meet AI survivors, both friendly and hostile, and fight (or avoid) various kinds of dangerous, ever-lurking infected
  • Make the wilderness your friend, not your enemy – use natural resources to stay alive
  • Find your way during the day/night cycle and do your best to stay warm while it rains or snows

Mini Dayz Tips, Tricks and Strategy

  • Take a look at your map
  • Running around in the wilderness will usually get you more lost
  • Once you get to the road, stick to it to see any cars
  • Pay attention to the map icons
  • The house icon means a small neighborhood
  • Two buildings icon represent a city
  • Factory icon designates a facility and you find a variety of different items
  • Stay alert and you should be fine
  • Avoid melee combat
  • Search for the Rice

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