Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Wraith Abilities Guide

The Wraith abilities in Shadow of Mordor are somewhat different that Ranger as in Wraith you will be enabled to take over Talion to manipulate the enemies. His will can be imposed to them that he can have them obtain information. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Wraith Abilities can also be used to decrease the enemies’ morale or to slay their leaders.

In Middle Earth: shadow of Mordor you have the range ability that is part of the skill tree that you will need to upgrade as you level up through he story by defeating different enemies along the way. There are 5 Tiers that you can unlock for the Ranger Abilities. How do you unlock Abilities, well we will get into that in another post but for the ranger abilities you need to kill Uruk, Captain and Warchief enemies to be able to earn ability points to unlock each tier as you progress through the game.

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Ability Name What The Ability Does
Tier 1 Abilities
Elven Swiftness Time your landings (tap X) / [tap SPACEBAR]when mantling over obstacles to gain a temporary speed boost and +1 Hit Streak.
Detonate Shoot fires or barrels to cause them to explode. You are immune to damage from fires and explosions.
Wraith Stun Stun enemies [tap E] then follow with a flurry of sword strikes [tap LMB]
Ride Caragors Press [left CTRL] to mount Caragors from above. Once mounted, you can ride, climb, and fight with them.
Tier 2 abilities – Unlocked at 160 Power points
Shadow Strike Shadow Strike (hold L2 + tap X) / [RMB + Z] instantly transports you to your targets location and knock it down. This can help you escape lethal situations, traverse strongholds, pursue fleeing enemies or enter combat from a distance. This ability consumes 2 Elf-shot.
Pin in Place Bow attacks aimed at an Uruk’s leg will pin him in place. Use quick pinning shots to keep a fleeing Uruk from escaping or immobilize tough Uruks in a fight.
Wraith Flash When your Hit Streak is charged, press (square + X) / [R] to perform a blast that stuns enemies and inflicts damage. Hit Streak charged: Every x8 consecutive hits the Hit Streak counter will turn red and your sword will glow.
Graug Hunter Use it to mount and ride stunned Graugs. Sneak up behind unaware Fraugs and tap LMB to blead them, causing massive damage and attracting Caragors.
Tier 4 abilities – Unlocked at 500 Power points
Fire Arrow When your Hit Streak is charged you can unleash a Fire Arrow (hold L2 + R1). Fire arrows will cause huge explosions if used on barrels or campfires. Hit Streak Charged: Every x8 consecutive hits the Hit Streak counter will turn red and your sword will glow.
Wraith Blast Upgrades Wraith Stun (tap circle) so that all enemies in a cone around your target are hit. The higher your Hit Streak the larger the cone.
Brand All Drain moves now Brand the target. Branded enemies will automatically fight by your side in combat. Or you can activate them from stealth with Up Arrow / [I].
Shadow Mount Instantly mount a Graug or Caragor with Shadow Strike
Tier 5 abilities – Unlocked at 700 Power points
Shadow Strike Chain Chain together Shadow Strike attacks (hold L2 + X) or (L2 + square) / [hold RMB + Z] or [hold RMB + X]. During the attack push (L) / [mouse] in the direction of your next target and tap (x) or (square) / [Z] to continue the chain.
Quick Draw Greately reduces the time it takes to charge a bow attack.
Wraith Burn When your Hit Streak is charged press (square) + (triangle) / [T] to kill any Uruks that are stunned or knocked down while other caught by the effect may flee in terror. Hit Streak Charged: Exery x8 consecutive hits the Hit Streak counter will turn red and your sword will glow.
Dispatch Press (down arrow) / (K) to kill all branded Uruks and Monsters.

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