Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Ranger Abilities Guide

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Ranger Abilities Guide

In Middle Earth: shadow of Mordor you have the range ability that is part of the skill tree that you will need to upgrade as you level up through he story by defeating different enemies along the way. There are 5 Tiers that you can unlock for the Ranger Abilities. How do you unlock Abilities, well we will get into that in another post but for the ranger abilities you need to kill Uruk, Captain and Warchief enemies to be able to earn ability points to unlock each tier as you progress through the game.

Ranger Abilities are Talion’s skills that help you improve combat effectiveness and gives him the ability to be more combatible. This allow you to increase your different aspects of your combat skills that you have seen like in Batman.

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Ability Name What the Ability Does
Tier 1 Abilities
Execution When your Hit Streak is charged press (triangle + circle) to execute your target. Hit Streak Charged: Exery x8 consecutive hits the Hit Streak counter will turn red and your sword will glow.
Impact Countered enemies (triangle) / [RMB] will be knocked backward, stunned or knocked down.
Strike From Above Aerial takedowns (R2 + Square) / [Left SHIFT + LMB] on unaware targets become lethal.
Tier 2 abilities – Unlocked at 160 P
Critical Strike Doubles Hit Streak gains on well-timed attacks. Tap (square) / [LMB] only once as each strike connects to receive yhe bonus. Other well timed moves such as Throw Dagger (L2) / [Q] can be critical strikes.
Last Chance Finisher The ability to deal a lethal finisher in a Last Chance Struggle.
Poison Press [Left CTRL] to Poison grog barrels.
Throwing Daggers Tap [Q] to throw a dagger that deals light damage and causes enemies to stragger backward.
Brutalize A terrifying stealth kill [hold Left SHIFT + RMB] that causes nearby enemies to flee and builds the Hit Streak.
Tier 3 abilities – Unlocked at 300 P
Swift Finisher Reduces the time required to perform a Ground Execution [left SHIFT + LMB] against a downed enemy.
Vault Stun Vaulting over an enemy [tap SPACEBAR] will now leave it stunned.
Brace of Daggers Upgrades Throwing Daggers so that three can be thrown in quick succession [quickly tap Q]. Fleeing enemies can be slain by thrown daggers.
Shoulder Charge Upgrades dash attacks [hold SPACEBAR] to sprint then tap [left CTRL] so that they will damage wooden shields and knock enemies down.
Tier 4 abilities – Unlocked at 500 P
Blade Master Reduces the Hit Streak threshold for Execution, Wraith Flash, Combat Drain, Wraith Burn, and Fire Arrow from 8 to 5
Resilience The ability to absorb one hit without the Hit Streak counter being reset.
Death Threat Issue a Death Threat to a Captain through interrogation. Death Treats greatly improve the odds of Epic rune drops from Warchiefs and add a 40% chance for Captain to drop them as well. Your target will increase in Power and acquire a gang.
Tier 5 abilities – Unlocked at 700 P
Critical Strike 2 Triples Hit Streak gains on well-timed attackes. Tap (square) / [LMB] only once as each strike connects to receive the bonus.
Flame of Vengeance Striking [LMB] enemies with a glowing sword will deal double damage.
Double Charge When your Hit Streak is charged you can perform two special attacks instead of one.

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