Complete Hunting Challenges to increase your EXP bonus and, the guide is no how the different ones in each of the mission and eat= This guide will help you find the creatures you need to hunt so you can complete your challenges.

Shadow Of Mordor Hunting Challenges Guide

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Flying Creatures – A bit more difficult but once you find a spot you can farm them. Go to the Black Road and take the north path to the mouth of the cave.

Ghuls You won’t unlock this mission until you face the Ghuls in story. I had all my hunts finished up to this point so when I fought them during the story mission I was able to complete this one.

Spiders – You will need to kill 3 spiders in Mordor. They are little spiders so use focus mode to see them skittering around.

Caragors – Now they start fighting back. Caragors take two head shots from focus mode to bring down. The Durthang Outskirts Stronghold has multiple Caragor cages so you can hunt them there. .

Rats These don’t fight back but they can be hard to find. I went to the Tower in The Black Road and directly north of there are some ruins. Down there you can find all the Rats you will need to complete this challenge.

Bats – If you did killed bats for the flying creatures hunt then you know where to go. If not go to the Black Road and take the north path to the mouth of the cave. Before you enter the cave look up to see a ton of bats just chilling.

Graug – This is basically a troll. You have to be careful here because it will be a long fight and Orcs can still the kill from you. Warp to the Barrows Of Udun tower and from there you should see a Gruag near the cave mouth. You can also find one near The Black Road tower as well.

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