Metal Gear Rising Revengeance VR Missions Guide

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance VR Missions will guide you through all the 20 missions.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance VR Missions

VR Missions are special, individual assignments where you are challenged to complete a preset objective in the smallest possible amount of time. Unlike the five VR Tutorials, which are simple guides to combat skills unlocked at milestones in the main storyline, the 20 available VR Missions must be unlocked by finding the corresponding VR Terminals hidden in Story mode.

VR Missions are played with limited equipment, with Raiden stripped of any upgrades acquired in the main storyline – and, moreover, no Soliton Radar.  You have the HF Blade as your standard weapon, with the Pole-Arm, Sai and Pincer Blades available at their default, pre-upgrade level. Unless they are provided as collectibles in a given challenge, you do not have Sub-Weapons at your disposal. This facilitates a very “pure” experience, where your success depends first and foremostonyourskill and understanding ofthe game mechanics. Forthis reason, aftempting to complete all VB Missions with a high Rank is not something you should do until you have mastered core techniques. That said, when the time comes, VR Missions offer an excellent training opportunity for those planning to complete the game on the Very Hard and Revengeance difficulty levels.

TOC: WalkthroughReviewCodec Conversation LocationsCardboard Boxes LocationsData Storage Devices LocationsWeapons

As you progress through the VR Missions, they will do get harder as you progress through them.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance VR Missions

Mission 1
Metal Gear Rising  AR Missions Part 1



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