This guide will help you unlock all Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest Trophies Locations

Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest Trophies locations can be found throughout the game and below we provide for you all the different sections where you can find them. These Tempest trophies are some collectibles in the game that you find to help decorate your case to feature them. There are 18 Tempest trophies in the game that you can collect.

Citadel: After completing The Journey to the Meridian, the boys can buy this from the Merchant General aboard the Nexus.

Destiny: travelers can visit. This message may be to collect this trophy in the bar of New Tuchanka.

Kett’s flagship: can be bought from the general merchant a nexus board after completing the journey to the meridian.

Dreadnaught Alliance: This trophy can be collected from the slums of Kadara above the medical clinic.

Angaran Shuttle: This trophy requires players to have completed the mission A trail of hope before it can be picked up from Docking Bay in Aya.

Athabasca class freighter: after establishing an embassy in Aya, players can take this option up from inside the embassy near a sink.

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Kett Shuttle: can be purchased at the General Merchant in the Kadara Wind Farm.

Shuttle MWS: players need to settle on Diteaon (Kadara Outpost) and then collect this from a nearby building.

Remnant Fighter: Buy from General Merchant in Aya.

Tempest: players need to complete the search string Movie Night aboard the Tempest.

Turian frigate: establish settlement at Voeld and then take it from a building at Taeve Uni at the Voeld outpost.

MWS Fighter: located in Spender’s apartment while performing the Krogan Betrayal mission on the Nexus.

MWS transportation: it can be collected from a lateral outpost room in Kadara after establishing a settlement.

Nexus: General Merchant purchase on the Nexus.

Nomad: General Merchant purchase on Nexus after establishing establishment in Eos.

Hyperion: modeled after Ark Hyperion, this trophy can be collected from a building within Eos Outpost after players established a settlement on the planet.

Kett Fighter: After visiting the port of Kadara, players can collect this from Sloane Chambers near the prison.

Remanente Abandonado: picked up from Alec Ryder’s desk during the Epilogue.


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