Mass Effect Andromeda Starter Guide and Tips

The Mass Effect Andromeda Starter Guide and Tips will help you going in the game

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda settles down 600 years after the original trilogy, with our civilization having to leave the Milky Way to find a new home in the Andromeda Galaxy. And at the center of all this trouble we will be us in the skin of a Ryder to be put at stake their knowledge to explore new planets and find a habitable place for everyone.

Mass Effect: Andromeda does not belong to the original trilogy, but begins a new path in the license by Electronic Arts and Bioware. Although during the adventurous journey will not be alone because other breeds like Korgan, Asari or Turians be on our side, the dangers that lie ahead in the game are tremendous and for this we have prepared the following tips to start playing Mass Effect: Andromeda so that from your first step by the new Galaxy, you can take advantage of its resources, civilizations and hidden tricks.

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Scan everything in your way

Your main mission is to find a new home for all the good civilizations in the Milky Way, and it’ll have to scan everything you can. This will make you get research points, unlock weapons and armor designs and then develop other, and amass resources and all kinds of materials. Note that the command will vibrate when you have something important to scan around, so do not never let go.

Keep close to Nomad

This is a good source of transportation, but also your life. Sometimes you think you’re in a quiet planet and can turn into a nightmare. So take a look at Nomad, do not lose sight because you’re gonna get back to it in more than one occasion fleeing. You’ll also save various levels of radiation. Make it better when possible.

Get Resources

When you have adequate resources available you can upgrade weapons. You can make in a terminal R & D. You must keep an eye on the materials you are asked to perform various improvements, and turn the galaxy map to see which planets have these resources. You can also go directly to the merchants if you have trouble getting a specific resource or mineral, but the important thing is to explore and get them yourself.

Combat System

You will not find many changes in combat in Mass Effect: Andromeda , are more of the same over previous titles. You will have three types of skills: combat, biotics and technology. Each with active and passive skills. You can equip three active skills at the same time to make combos. Remember that you can change your character profile at all times, and you have a total of seven.


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