The mass Effect Andromeda Keyboard Controls and Commands for PC default or customized

Here is the Mass Effect Andromeda Keyboard controls and commands that you need to know for the game to be used in the single player campaign or in the multiplayer where you take on different opponents. When you start playing the game you can customize your key bindings for mass effect andromeda or you can leave them a default, use which ever is to your likings. Below take a look at the complete list for Mass Effect Andromeda Keyboard controls and commands:

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Mass Effect Andromeda General Bindings

Description of Action      Primary Key Binding
Move Forward      W
Move Backward      S
Strafe Left        A
Strafe Right        D
Walk      Left Control
Use/ Cover/ Storm       Spacebar
Navigational Assistance       V
Cover Turn       Middle Mouse Button
Quick Save         F5
Quick Load        F9
Pause/Menu     ESC

Mass Effect Andromeda Combat Bindings

Description of Action      Primary Key Binding
Shoot       Left Mouse Button
Aim      Right Mouse Button
Reload        R
Melee       F
Swap Weapon        X
Next Weapon         Mouse Scroll Down
Previous Weapon        Mouse Scroll Up
Command HUD         (HOLD) Left Shift
Order Rally       C
Order Squadmate 1
to Move/Attack          Q
Order Squadmate 2
to Move/Attack          E
Order Attack         Z
Quick Slot 1-8        Key 1-8 perform Each
Quick Slot Power or Ability
Exit Mounted Gun      X

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Bindings

Description of Action      Primary Key Binding
Text Chat      T
Voice Chat       (HOLD) Tab
Prolong Life         Spacebar

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