Mass Effect 3 Armor Guide

In mass effect 3 you will have 12 available armors that you will need to get, below is the list of all the twelve armors for the game. Is crucial that you upgrade and gather all the armors to be able to survive in the quest to complete the game.

Mass Effect 3 Armor Guide


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N7: Health +10%

N7 Breather Helmet: Health +10%

Death Mask: Melee Damage +10% (Priority: Tuchanka)

Kuwashii Visor: Weapon Damage +5%, Headshot Damage +10% (Aegohr Munitions)

Sentry Interface: Shields +10% (Priority: Sur’Kesh)

Kestrel Helmet: Ammo Capacity +10% (Batarian State Arms)

Capacitor Helmet: Shield Regen Speed +10% (N7: Cerberus Abductions)

Archon Visor: Power Recharge Speed +10% (Priority: Geth Dreadnought)

Umbra Visor: Power Damage +10% (Priority: Thessia)

Recon Hood: Weapon Damage +10% (Priority: Citadel)

Mnemonic Visor: Power Recharge Speed +5%, Power Damage +5% (Grissom Academy)

Delumcore Overlay: Headshot Damage +5%, Weapon Damage +10% (Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)

Securitel Helmet: Shields +5%, Health +5% (Priority: Citadel)


N7 Set Armor

Chestplate: Health +10% (Automatically acquired)

Shoulders: Health +10% (Automatically acquired)

Gauntlets: Health +10% (Automatically acquired)

Greaves: Health +10% (Automatically acquired)

Hahne-Kedar Armor Set


Each piece adds 10% to weapon damage

Chestplate: Found during “Tuchanka: Extract Turian Survivors” mission

Shoulders: Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies

Gauntlets: Location currently unkown

Greaves: Found during “Priority: Palaven” mission

Armax Arsenal Armor Set


Each piece adds 5% to weapon damage and 10% to melee damage

Chestplate: Found during “Rannoch: Admiral Koris” mission

Shoulders: Found during “Priority: Palaven” mission

Gauntlets: Found during “N7: Cerberus Attack” mission

Greaves: Found during “Priority: Sur’Kesh” mission

Serrice Council Armor Set


Each piece adds 10% to power damage

Chestplate: Found during “Grissom Academy” mission

Shoulders: Found during “Lesuss: Investigate Asari Colony” mission

Gauntlets: Nos Astra Sporting Goods

Greaves: Found during “Priority: Cerberus Headquarters” mission

Kassa Fabrication Armor Set


Each piece adds 10% to shields

Chestplate: Found during “Priority: Mars” mission

Shoulders: Cipritine Armory

Gauntlets: Found during “Priority: Rannoch” mission

Greaves: Found during “Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists” mission

Ariake Technologies Armor Set


Each piece adds 10% to melee damage

Chestplate: Kassa Fabrications

Shoulders: Found during “Attican Traverse: Krogan Team” mission

Gauntlets: Found during “Priority: Mars” mission

Greaves: Found during “N7: Communication Hub” mission

Rosenkov Materials Armor Set


Each piece adds 10% to power recharge speed

Chestplate: Found during “N7: Fuel Reactors” mission

Shoulders: Found during “Priority: Horizon” mission

Gauntlets: Found during “Tuchanka: Bomb” mission

Greaves: Spectre Requisitions

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