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Mario Kart 8 receives DLC for Mercedes-Benz vehicle

Mario Kart 8 receives DLC for Mercedes-Benz vehicle

To commemorate the simultaneous release of Mario Kart 8 and automobile GLA SUV, both already available in Japan, Nintendo and

Mercedes-Benz announced a collaboration with the users of a Wii U that country may download a DLC for the new game racing completely free.

The downloadable content will arrive sometime in the summer of 2014 and will include the GLA Kart for use in races in the game. Currently no plans this DLC arrives to western territory, although a spokesman for Nintendo UK hinted that an announcement about it could happen in the near future.

Although the inclusion of real vehicles in Mario Kart may seem incongruous, is not something new (in the series of Pikmin will appear Duracell batteries) or surprised, as recently Nintendo announced its desire to expand its efforts to license their intellectual properties due to their financial problems.

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