Mario and Luigi Dream Team review will take you into the new adventure of the RPG style and show you how the formula worked.


An endearing RPG is the result of many factors: plot, combat system, art direction, atmosphere, music, nostalgia. Over the years, I’ve played and replayed a handful of titles that I learned to see and enjoy with each stroke. I searched in vain, for the true heirs are the titles of Mario & Luigi , developed by AlphaDream always.

Yoshihiko Maekawa, director Mario RPG , works as a producer in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and not only music was the work of Yoko Shimomura in both games share the same design intent: add dynamism to the gameplay of a turn-based RPG . Mario RPG got this thanks to the ability to avoid damage or do more powerful attacks by pressing certain buttons during a specific time of combat. To perform magic, and it was necessary to follow a simple sequence of buttons. I raise this because Mario & Luigi: Dream Team develops this line of RPG design.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team review

The premise is simple: choose your attack and takes the appropriate steps to effect maximum damage. The situation is reversed on the defensive, as you will find out the best way to fight back. Thus, each turn becomes a mini duel: the enemies will do everything we can to throw you off and cause mistake, while trying to execute to perfection every attack and special move. This dynamic is the possibility of leaving intact the boss battle, because it is always possible to avoid taking damage.

In a RPG, generally, the world is to be scanned and to speak characters. However, in Dream Team is also a space to act and develop game mechanics. The world is divided into two levels: the real and the dreams. The first is a three-dimensional environment with sprites representing characters, while the second presents a two-dimensional perspective. In the real world, Mario and Luigi can perform different stunts to overcome obstacles such as double jumps, spins and hammers. In the dream world will use special skills to execute special moves Luigi and that would be impossible in reality. For example, one of my favorites involves balancing on a giant ball made ​​up of hundreds of Luigis.

In both places there will be puzzles to solve. From finding passages to use special skills to break down barriers Luigi, this aspect of the title is an essential part of your gaming system. The enemies appear scattered in both the real world and the dreams. You can avoid fighting with them, for the battle will only begin when physical contact. In practice, this means that they have different patterns of movement and it is not always easy to avoid them. There is also a giant fight mode, honestly, I was amazed, except that in some of these battles is necessary to use the 3DS gyroscope to fight back and defend themselves. This would not be a problem if it had been well implemented use. Unfortunately, I happened on a couple of occasions that the console does gyroscope detected my movements well and as a result, life and even lost the battle.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team review

Manipulating Luigi in the real world have interesting effects in the world of dreams

The plot revolves around the visit of Mario, Luigi, Princess and Pi’illo added to the island-a vacation paradise. During the adventure, Luigi discover that you have the ability to open a portal to the world of dreams. The adventure comes from the resulting tension between the two realities. While the story might be more interesting, the script is very well written (although not as extravagant as the previous installments) and presents the characteristic humor of the series Mario & Luigi . This is one of the weak points of the game, it feels like it was just a pretext to introduce characters and interesting combat scenarios. The developers did a good job to keep the player interested, but it was a mistake to bring unnecessary searches and prolong certain events only to extend the duration of the game. The construction of the characters on the other hand, is very effective. Mario and Luigi are expressive and are better developed than in many RPG with increased production. Luigi has come a long way from being a humble color variation to become inseparable from Mario the dumbbell with its own personality.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team explains various complex concepts in your system in a simple fight. Analogies like medals for bonuses and clear representation of the attributes of the characters help any novice to quickly familiarize gender. The game is refining a formula that has been brewing since the beginning of the franchise for 10 years on the Game Boy Advance. AlphaDream been known, as few studies take advantage of the Nintendo hardware: from its control scheme based on a button for each character to the screen twice the Nintendo DS and 3DS. To some extent, take a decade rehearsing variations of the same RPG and have polished and refined in an almost unattainable. Dream Team is an RPG-D: breaks the barrier of fights taking turns to give the player the option to go to the third plane to dodge and launch attacks.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team review

As for the enemies, I mentioned that fighting is basically a mini-duel: each battle is different and has different dynamics. The flying enemies are immune to the hammer and there are some with protection of famous Mario brothers breaks. Some even required to hit from different angles and bosses often clashes involving addition complexes concentration and good reflexes.

The real innovation of the game is the world of dreams, because here comes out the good use (almost always) gave AlphaDream the second screen of the 3DS. In the upper screen will dream action, while in the bottom shall manipulate Luigi sleeping face to achieve different effects in the world of dreams. In theory it sounds great, but in practice there are mechanics that could have been better developed.

The visual appearance is also unique title, is an interesting mix of polygonal and 2D sprites. This works extremely well on a regular 3DS, although in the XL model notice some textures or sprites are simply not designed for a screen of this size. This is more evident in some moments of the game, as do approaches.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team review

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team continues the innovative trend of the franchise, even if it is one of the most purposeful. The formula has been highly polished and refined, although some aspects could have been better exploited. 


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