The main missions of Dragon Age: Inquisition take us 40 to 50 hours

Lee Cameron, the producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition , spoke in statements collected by the website you WorldsFactory has shed some light on the RPG campaign preparing inBioWare and duration. “On the topic of open world only in terms of lost in their world, we can easily talk about a 100 hours, “said Lee. “Moreover it is the classic BioWare main story, which can provide 40-50 hours of narrative.


That’s enough content to keep you entertained, to lose and plenty to explore. Narrative is what adds to all that , so we talked a big, big game.’s taken us years to do it, “recalled the executive. “I think we have, by now, about 20 dragons in the game. could be more or less, and you know that changes, but now there are like 20, and for the first time will be able to target specific members of dragons, you know … Hit her legs and the dragon fall with a crash, “he said.

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