The mafia world is complicated, and to live it out, you need to make the right decisions that lead you to the top. Hangar 13 studio behind Mafia III, is aware of this, so his mantra of development in the open world game was “the history of each player is unique.”

The study said this in a panel of PAX East 2016 , where they advanced in Mafia III can decide how to play; that is, if you want to solve everything at gun point you can do, and also have the possibility to attack stealthily. Also in Mafia IIIyou will take a number of decisions which will have long – term consequences.

During the Hangar 13 panel also he spoke on the mechanics of handling Mafia III . According to the developers, the game of crime you can find a variety of vehicles, including muscle cars, jeeps and military cars; each have different characteristics. That said, the study said that the mechanical not resemble both racing simulators, so you should expect a simpler experience.

On the other hand, if you think the fact that issues such as House of the Rising Sun or All Along the Watchtowerappear in the progress of Mafia III predicts that the world title will open an incredible soundtrack, this news will love it . Hangar 13 members commented that the soundtrack will have a lot of great songs that were popular in the ‘ 60s.

Unfortunately, members of the study could not share some of the songs that will be in the game. The developers stressed that use licensed music is a complicated issue, so we can not talk much about it. However, members of Hangar 13 were excited about the song selection.

In addition to the two issues mentioned above, we know that Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones, Fortune Son ofCreedence Clearwater Reviva l, and Son of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield, have a place in the game distributed by 2K.

Mafia III debut on October 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Remember that here find more information related to this title.

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