Loadout Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

Loadout Walkthrough will guide you through the entire game.

Loadout walkthrough will guide you through all the different maps and modes that the game has and give you some tips on how to play each of them. Follow the game walkthroughs for the game to provide you with the different tricks on where to fight from, best places to shoot, weapons to get and a strategy on completing your own matches that will give you the edge over other players.

Loadout Walkthrough

Loadout is an outrageous new multi-player shooter that’s all about the guns, with many weaponry – billions of combinations – totally customized, totally unique, and totally deadly. Our robust and modular Weaponcrafting system allows players to make their own weapons from a wide variety of weapon parts, and then modify their entire arsenal to suit their play style. Our game walkthrough provides you with different options to make your own class depending on the weapon customization you do.

Loadout Walkthrough Videos
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Loadout (01) "This game is F#@!ing amazing!" -Closed Beta Loadout (02) "PVP Gameplay -Closed Beta" Loadout (03) "Closed Beta, Hammer Time!"



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