Lies of P how to level up fast and farm ergos

“Lies of P” incorporates various progression systems aimed at enhancing your character’s build. You can choose to enhance your weapons, upgrade the Legion Arm, or level up your character to boost attributes such as health, stamina, defenses, and weapon damage. However, a common challenge is that these systems all require the same resource: Ergo. Thus, it’s crucial to spend Ergo wisely and efficiently. This guide provides insights into leveling up quickly in Lies of P!

Finding Ergo is an essential aspect of the game. Defeating enemies in the game yields Ergo as drops. While common enemies like puppet dogs or police officers may only drop a small amount, let’s say around 30 Ergo, every bit counts. Initially, this might not seem enough to fund an upgrade or level up at a place like Hotel Krat. However, as you progress and familiarize yourself with enemy spawn locations, you can optimize your approach to farming Ergo.

For instance, in the starting area, Krat Central Station Plaza, after awakening in the train car, I repeatedly engaged enemies to reach level 20 before challenging the Parade Master. Although it involved some grinding, it significantly improved my understanding of the game mechanics and strengthened my character before the first major boss encounter.

During the early stages of the game, your main threats typically come from ranged mobs wielding rifles or shotguns. These adversaries deal substantial damage, necessitating vigilance. However, when engaged in combat with melee mobs, keeping an eye on ranged enemies in the background proves challenging. Therefore, prioritize dealing with any ranged puppets first to mitigate potential damage.