Level up in Destiny 2 is essential if you want to access new quests, to unlock all abilities or to equip yourself with more powerful armor and weapons. Nevertheless it is advisable to raise this level as quickly as possible to face with each event of Destiny 2 with guarantees.

How to Level Up Fast on Destiny 2

If you are wondering how to level up fast in Destiny 2 we tell you that there are many possibilities, although the fundamental is the first option that we offer: pass the campaign mode.

Destiny 2 Campaign

If you perform the campaign mode in a natural way trying to overcome all missions and events in a quiet and not skipping special circumstances, you will practically be able to raise to the maximum level in Destiny 2 before you finish it. As soon as you reach the maximum level of 20 you can focus on raising your Power to have better weapons and armor, something you can delegate to secondary missions.

Destiny 2 Fastest Way to Level Up in Destiny 2 and Hit Max Power 300

Destiny 2 Milestones and Adventures

They are the secondary missions proper that are developed in certain places and that it is necessary to finish them before its weekly restart that usually happens on Tuesdays. The idea is that you organize to overcome all of them in a weekly way and not skip any, and it is better to do them after the campaign is over because you will already be at level 20.

Destiny Legendary fragments and Exotic Engrams

It is the currency of the game and serves us to trade with sellers and, consequently, improve our equipment and consequent level of the character. These legendary fragments are achieved in many ways in the game, among the main ones are: finishing with assault bosses, planetary coffers, weekly events, FlashPoints or dismantling legendary and exotic weapons.

Destiny 2 Flashpoints

They are events that are activated in the four worlds and where we will receive rewards like rare equipment or legendary fragments.

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