How to Level up in Dark Souls 2 Guide

How to level up in Dark Souls 2 in crucial and here are some tips on how to do it fast.

You can level up in Dark souls 2 after you pass Things Betwixt area — essentially, the tutorial. Past that and through a narrow cave is a town called Majula.

When you first enter Majula, there is an area to the right which has a tall tower overlooking the sea. To the right of that, slightly down the cliff and by a tree, there is a green-cloaked woman known as the Emerald Herald. Approach her and spead to her, she will relocate to the Majula bonfire so you are able to continue and level up on that bonfire after you speak to her the second time.

TOC: WalkthroughLeveling UpDying and healingHuman Effigy LocationsInventory and EquipmentMaJula Items LocationsAchievementsHeides Tower of Flame Items LocationsKey LocationsRings LocationsBonfires Locations, DS2 How to Level up

KEY in Dark Souls 2: US your Souls to Level Up.

As you speak to Emerald Herald at the Majula bonfire, be sure to wait for a menu to popup and then you can start leveling up.

Make sure you take care of your souls in Dark Souls 2 and that you spend them wisely as you are trying to level up first.

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