Lego Marvel Super Heroes all Minikits Locations Guide

Lego Marvel Super Heroes all Minikits Locations can be found in each level of the game as you play through the free play.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes all Minikits Bricks locations guide will help you in finding all the Minikits in the game. There are 10 Minikits  that need to be gather during each level of Lego Marvel Super Heroes game. In the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game in which you will need to search for their different locations in the game of all the Minikits that need to be found in the game. Each level has different types of collectibles to help you advance through the game, most of the Minikits for each level you will need to unlock characters first then then play in free play to be able to unlock them. See the strategy guide below for each of the Minikits  bricks that you need to collect in the game.

In every level of Lego Marvel Super Heroes it contains 10 special  minikits that you are able to collect during the game as free play. Most  of the Minikits can only be assess through the free play mode.

If you need additional help with the walkthrough or any collectible in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes, see links below:

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 Level 1 Sand Central Station

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ALL Minikits Locations Sand Central Station Gameplay Let's Play Playthrough

  1. Story Mode: Destroy the 3 mail boxes in the sidewalks which are on either side of the roadway
  2. Free Play Mode: Throw Thor’s hammer to the billboard and fly to get it
  3. Dig up a dig spot, assemble pieces into a scooter and then rid it to a pizza stand
  4. Charge up a power transformer, after that you will have to pull on the handles
  5. Break golden object on a wall hanging from the ceiling with a heat bean
  6. Detect a golden object on a wall with super sense, destroy objectives with heat gun, then dig out MiniKit
  7. Cut open a golden door with a head beam, use a claw switch, mind control to have the character get the MiniKit
  8. Use Telekinesis on the statue by the clock.
  9. Freeze some water on top of the water and create a slide
  10. Destroy five golden object on top of the roof

Level 2 Times Square Off

  1. Use magnetic power to access the safe behind the lab
  2. Blow up a silver object, followed by powering transformer to enter secret room
  3. Dig up dig spot then use cosmic powers to assemble some cosmic bricks into a rocket
  4. (Story only) Hit five greenhouse planters scattered about the rooftops to get this MiniKit
  5. Destroy a silver vent as venom move some slurps to head to the greenhouse
  6. Destroy a golden fire extinguisher near a barbecue grill, and the Minikit is within some flames
  7. Destroy the silver objects, assemble items into pump, jump on pump then use fantastic 4 pad.
  8. Pull on some green handles on the side of a truck with a super strong character like Hulk
  9. Blow up a silver car, use super strong character to break the cracked area of the street.
  10. Destroy five gold topped fire hydrants scattered about the area

Level 3 Exploratory Laboratory

  1. Destroy four golden signs with a heat beam
  2. Move batteries with your magnetic powers, next use smart character to complete a pattern.
  3. Get a super strong character to pull green handles and throw shield at a shield switch
  4. Use mind control to make a worker pull lever, as you advance through the gate power up two transformers.
  5. Di up a dig spot in which you will find a MiniKit
  6. With Venom along wtih strong character and Telekinesis at three spots to get items to put together in wprl/
  7. Here you freeze water with a cold beam  and melt it with the heat beam.
  8. Destroy a golder container with a heat beam
  9. Open a container using magnetic power, then activate a claw switch
  10. To open the door where the MiniKit is you will need to put together some cosmic bricks


  • Cosmic Cube
  • The Infinity Gauntlet
  • Nord Stone
  • Doctor Doom’s Mask
  • The Casket of Anicent Winters
  • The Eye of Agamotto

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