LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough Students In Peril Locations Guide (XBOX 360, PS3, Wii)

Today we will tackle the Student Rescue achievement which is to collect all students in peril (Single Player Only). There are a total of 50 students to rescue spanning Hogwarts and the story missions. If you see a Lego person in trouble, help them! Rescuing students nets you 50/200 Gold Bricks. Once you locate all of the 50 you will ear 45 G.

Year 1

The Magic Begins Location
1. You will find the student down Diagon Alley, Once there look for a table on the right. Step on the table and have a teammate use WL to lift the table up with you on it. Once you get close to the student you will be able to free him.

Out of the Dungeon Location
2.You will find the student sitting in his stall. (Bathroom)

A Jinxed Broom Location
3. You will find the student once you blast pass the metal bars which are located above the pipes, left of the bookcase. You will need to use Reducto to break through them.

The Restricted Section Location
4. You will find the student In the second room, use Reducto on the Owl Cage. Build from the resulting bricks, then use WL on the resulting clock.

The Forbidden Forest Location
5. You will find the student In the Forbidden Forest, use Lumos Solem on the student thats being held by the Devil’s Snare.

Chapter 6 Face of the Enemy Location
6. You will find the student In the hole. In the Key Room, up on a ledge are some vines. Dismount from your broom on that ledge, use Lumos, and fall through the revealed hole.

Year 2

Floo Powder Location
7. You will find the student locked in a silver cabinet which is located in Borgin and Bukes.

Dobby’s Plan Location
8. You will find the student In the pixies.

Crabbe and Goyle Location
9. You will find the student in the Slytherin Common Room, use the small broom near the fireplace to sweep the inside of the fireplace. 

Tom Riddle’s Diary Location
10. You will find the student in the flashback room. Your going to have to use the book ability on the cabinet a key will be released and use it to open a cabinet on the left to rescue the student.

Follow the Spiders Location
11. You will find the student when you have the boss battle with the spider just free him from the web.

The Basilisk Location
12. You will find the student release him as part of the game. Use Lumos on the vine covered stall in the lavoratory to free him.

Year 3

News From Azkaban Location
13. You will find the student when you ride the train, which is just as you begin find them in the room with the DM Token.

Hogsmeade Location
14. You will find the student by the snowman right when the street ends. Once you done having fun with the snowball fight hit the snowman with a snowball to rescue. 

Mischief Managed Location
15. You will find the student behind the gate which is locked by a silver lock, open the gate and rescue.

The Shrieking Shack Location
16. You will find the student by the spot where you fight off the nasty forest creatures and build the red mushroom, there’s a student trapped in a spider web.

Dementor’s Kiss Location
17. You will find the student In the area to the left, with the bees, eliminate all the bees and the hive.

The Dark Tower Location
18. You will find the student by the fountains look to the left and you will see a room with RD lock break into the room. You will need to defeat the Dementor.


Year 4

The Quidditch World Cup Location
19. You will find the student look for the silver lock which is on a shack use RD to rescue. I

Dragons Location
20. You will find the student locked inside the vault this is the part where you do the three chains, make sure you rescue the student inside the vault to the right.

The First Task Location
21. You will find the student when the dragon gets stuck for the second time. There will be a cabinet located on the right hand side with a silver lock unlock and rescue.

The Secret of the Egg Location
22. You will find the student right when the level begins above the other cabinet. 

The Black Lake Location
23. You will find the student after you pass the second set of pipes your going to have to smash one of the pipes and head left of the background use WL on both boat oars. Then use WL on the forward boat.

The Dark Lord Returns Location
24. You will find the student after the eight yellow plant you will need to save him form the Devils Snare. 


Gryffindor Dorm Bedrooms

25.Right beside the above couch, the student seems to have been
turned into cube form. Use magic on them to save them.

Boys Bathroom Location
26. You will find the student in the boys bathroom open the green stall on the left to rescue.

Charms Classroom Corridor Location
27. You will find the student in the corridor of the charms classroom you will be able to rescue them once you pass Wingardium Leviosa.

Charms Underground Area Left Location
28. The location is in the charms underground arena to the left.

Charms Underground Area Right Location
29. The location is in the charms underground arena to the right.

Clock Tower Location
30. In a spider web by the entrance.

Fountain Courtyard Location
31. Is located in fountain courtyard.

Gear Room Location
32. Is located by the begenning in the by the gear room

Great Hall Location
33. Check very high above and you will find the sturdent in a spider web.

Great Hall Entrance Location
34. This one is right before the great hall. 

Gryffindor Dorm Main Location
35. Hit the couch twice to locate them and rescue

Hagrid’s Garden Location
36. As you are setting up all the food, you’ll be able to use WL
on a basket. A student inside will throw a seed out. Hit the seed to make it a
pumpkin, then use WL on it to ‘save’ him.

Hagrid’s Garden Location

37. Use the WL to hit the basket and pumpkin to rescue student.

Herbalogy Second Room Location
38. Make a strenght potion and pull the chain.

Hufflepuff Dorm Location
39. Hit the plant near the yello couches.

Hufflepuff Dorm Entrance Location
40. Place Mandrake in the basket by the entrance of Hufflepuff Dorm.

Lakeside Location
41. Use WL to build a dock for the student after you brake the crates where he is.

Library Second Room Location
42.Get the red book build a ladder and place mandrake in barrel.

Lobby area right after leaving the dorm hallway Location
43. Use WL to make use the books as a pathway.

Moving Staircase Tower Location
44. Is by the top the staircase look around the dog painting.

Outer Hogwarts – Hagrid’s Hut Location
45. To save student, use Lumos Solem to free him up.

Owlery Location
46. Go to the owls and they will open the scroll and students are by small courtyard.

Owlery Location

47.He’s right in the middle stuck in a pipe. Free him up.

Quidditch Field Entrance Location
48. Use WL on the tape stry and you create a trampoline for the student to jump to.

Ravenclaw Dorm Bedrooms Location
49. Student is in the center near a book, hit the chain and book will grab it.

Slytherin Dorm Bedroom Location
50. Nock the bookcase that has the student behind it.

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