LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough Crest Piece Locations Guide (XBOX 360, PS3, Wii)

Today we will tackle  the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough Crest Piece Locations Guide.  The Crest Pieces come in four different colors red, green, yellow and blue and are found from Year one through four. If you collect all th Crest Pieces in each year you will be able to unlock  an achievement for each level which are the following Crest Collector unlocked in year one Crest Fanatic unlocked at year  two Ultra Collector unlocked at year three and The Ultimate Collector which is unlocked at year four.  So let dive right in and find the Crest Pieces.

The Magic Begins (1-1)
Year One

Crest Piece: In the first room, use WL on the candles to the left. Then use WL again to build the 2 Lego piles that appear. Finally, use WL on the stools in front of the bar until they form a short ramp for you to jump up and grab the Crest Piece.

Crest Piece: When you first enter Diagon Alley, go to the left and press B in front of the first window. You’ll wave at a character inside, who’ll open the door to send out the second Crest Piece.

Crest Piece: Use WL on a barrel at the start of the alley, then use the items to make a sweeper vehicle. After blowing up the blockade with the potion, use the sweeper to clean up the green goo and the piece will appear.                                                                                                                                                                               

Crest Piece: On the far right of Gringotts there’s a silver lock, use RD to destroy it. Then use a heavy character to pull the chain and the piece will appear.

Out of the Dungeon (1-2)

Crest Piece: There are 9 small pillars with vases on top in the first area. When hit with magic will sprout some flowers. Hit them all and you’ll get the Crest Piece.
Crest Piece: After the animal tunnel, continue until you see a fountain. Use WL on the chicken pieces beside to to put them in.
Crest Piece: Use RD on the silver handle in front of the fountain, then turn it with WL to make the piece appear.

Crest Piece: There are 7 orb lights that need to be turned on with WL (they are high above you). 4 are in the first room, and the last three are in the bathroom.

A Jinxed Broom (1-3)

Crest Piece: There are 7 Gryffindor flags that you must use WL on to raise them. 2 are in the first are before the gap you need to fly over, 3 are in the area with the Scabbers tunnel, and the last 2 are by the second Lego stacking section.       

Crest Piece: After the animal tunnel you’ll have to stack the Lego pieces to continue. Stack in the other direction (up to the left) then jump to grab the Crest Piece.                                                                                                                                

Crest Piece: Same spot as above, go to the left and use IM on the pixies.                                                                        

Crest Piece: – After getting past the prefect, before going up the ladder head left. Jump around the gate then use DM on the barrel.

The Restricted Section (1-4)

Crest Piece: In FP use a character with a book on the cabinet in the first room.                                                               

Crest Piece: Use DM on the area right behind where you find the spider potion ingredient. Then use X to clear the trees out of the way.                                                                                                                                                                            

Crest Piece: There are 6 flower vases, hit them with magic and they’ll sprout flowers. First 4 are in the first room, last 2 are in the second room.                                                                                                                                                                     

Crest Piece: In the room with the ghost horseman, there are 3 spider webs. Knock all the spiders off them and the piece will appear.

The Forbidden Forest (1-5)

Crest Piece: There are 3 yellow flowers you have to destroy. First it just right of the above SIP. The second is right in front of you after climbing the first ladder. The last is just east of the second, right under a beehive.

Crest Piece: There are 10 black rocks you must destroy with DM. The first is after you use the rain cloud on a tree, climb up and it’s right there next to a dig spot. The second is directly south of this, out in the open. For number 3, after going up the ladder it’s to the east in the lower portion. After going underground, the 4th is in the middle area south of the large Devil’s Snare. 5 is right next to the dig spot you use to get a stackable Lego piece. For 6, go east into the water and it’s right near the shore. Now proceed past the bridge you lift up with a heavy chain and 7,8 and 9 are near the tree roots. The last in along the path east, by the cobwebs with lego pieces in them.

Crest Piece: After draining the pond with Fang, use WL on all 6 fishes around the puddle that’s left to put them back in. The piece will appear in the middle.

Crest Piece: After draining the pond, go east and use RD on the chest.

Face of the Enemy (1-6)

Crest Piece: After distracting Fluffy and dropping down the hole, right behind you is a silver chest caught in a Devil’s Snare, use LS.

Crest Piece: In the flying keys room, destroy all the keys that aren’t near the large one. There’s 10, fly up and there are all easy to see.

Crest Piece: In the chess room, use RD on the silver chest in the background. Another horse will appear, ride it and it will throw you into the crest piece.

Crest Piece: Off the side of the chess set (the closest side to the screen), there’s some wreckage you can use DM on to make the piece appear.

Year Two

Floo Powder! (2-1)

Crest Piece: There are 6 gnomes scattered outside the Weasley’s house. Use WL to lift them up, then hold B to spin them. Release and they’ll get thrown into something. Do this to all 6 to get the crest piece.

Crest Piece: Go to the right side of the house (outside), then use WL on the pile of bricks to create a pumpkin vehicle. Drive it over 7 sprouts in the area and a carrot will pop out of each one. Then use WL on each carrot to get the piece.

Crest Piece: Hit the fanged treasure chest on the left, when it breaks jump inside the chest. Then use DM on the black orb.

Dobby’s Plan (2-2)

Crest Piece: There are 4 quidditch flags you can bring up with WL. Two on the starting platform, and the other two are on the platform where Dobby is holding the purple boulder.

Crest Piece: There are 4 barrels with flags in them you can hit with X. One is on the left after dropping down, second is right near the heavy chain, third is by the pixies holding the door (it’s behind a chair), and the last is off to the right before going up the ladder (after seeing Dobby run away).

Crest Piece: Same area as above, there are 2 scrolls you can put up on either side, then you need to wave with a Slytherin character (I used the Bloody Baron). The piece will then pop up.

Crest Piece: In the back of the second hospital room, use a key character on the vault.

Crabbe and Goyle (2-3)

Crest Piece: Use a strong character (I used Viktor Krum) on the heavy chain to the left. Build the plunger, then use it to clean up all 6 goo spots.

Crest Piece): When you’re back in the Slytherin Dorm, use WL on the 3 fish by the pond.

Crest Piece: In the second Slytherin dorm room, there’s a DM orb right near the door.

Crest Piece: Same room as above, there are 6 lights high up that you can use WL on.

Tom Riddle’s Diary (2-4)

(RD) Crest Piece: Use RD on the chest to the far left in the bathroom, then use the plunger to clean up all 5 puddles.

Crest Piece: In the first flash back area there are 6 knight statues you can use WL or X on. 4 are downstairs and 2 are upstairs.

Crest Piece: In the second area there are 3 radios you can hit with X. First is behind the first staircase. Second is right by the rotating bookcase. The third is near the end of this area, by a vault.

Crest Piece: In the second area, at the end of the first hallway there’s a chest you can use RD (as Tom Riddle). Inside is the piece.

Follow the Spiders (2-5)

Crest Piece: There are 10 brown mushroom groupings that you can use WL on. First is right behind you when you start, and the next 2 to are on the higher ledge area. 2 more are in the area right after you use the tree to cross a gap. Another 3 are in the area right after you cross the water with a broom. The last 2 are in the same area with the pixies in the tree.

Crest Piece: In the water area you’re supposed to cross with a broom, there’s a silver gate. Use RD, then ride the frog through all the gates to get the piece. **Note – If you’re having trouble targeting the gate.

Crest Piece: During the boss fight, to the far left is a DM orb.

Crest Piece: There are 5 boxes you can smash during the vehicle section. They’re mostly out in the open so just keep a look out. 2 are in the first section. After the small cutscene where you jump off a cliff, there are 2 more in that section. You’ll come to another jump (no cutscene this time) and immediately to left is a couple of studs and the final box.

The Basilisk (2-6)

Crest Piece: After falling down the hole in the bathroom, there will be 4 skeletons you will have to build with WL. The first is right beside you when you start. The next is just left of the starting point near a dig spot. The next is in the above area on the right, you’ll get to see him do some fishing when you build him. The last you can see after moving the bridge and dropping down, he’ll be right by the second squid creature.

Crest Piece: There are 4 dig spots in the underground area. Two are on the bottom to the left, then one is on the same side but on the upper ledge. Last is just across the bridge.

Crest Piece: During the boss fight, go to the left and use RD on the circular gate. Then use WL to make a birdhouse.

Crest Piece: During the Basilisk boss fight, after the phoenix damages the basilisk and you hit it with X it will go underwater. There will now be 3 instruments you can use WL on to make music – and accordion on the left and a violin/trumpet on the right. Do this for all 3 and you’ll get the piece.

Year Three

News From Azkaban (3-1)

Crest Piece: On Platform 9 3/4 there are 5 red coloured parcels that look a bit like shoeboxes. 4 are on the right side of the spinning gate and the last is on the other side. Destroy them all to get the piece.

Crest Piece: Use the dig spot on top of the train, then hit the box.

Crest Piece: When you’re on the train during the night, in the second section you’ll have to WL some boxes to uncover a Scabbers tunnel. Jump on the boxes then jump to reach the crest above you.

Crest Piece: On the train there are 5 Slytherin crates you must hit with X. The first 3 are in the second section (same as above collectible), and the last 2 are in the area after that. All are out in the open and easy to spot.

Hogsmeade (3-2)

Crest Piece: While in the tunnels, there are 10 spider webs for you to destroy. The first two are right by the door you came from. The next is on the wall above you right before the bridge section. During the bridge section where you move the platforms, the 4th is hanging off the middle snowy platform. The hardest to see is right by the 1000kg weight – it’s on the lower wall, close to your screen. After the bridge section there are 2 on the back walls. After the wooden platforms there’s another on the wall, obscured by some roots. The next 2 are right by the ladder at the end.

Crest Piece: Outside of Hogsmeade there are 3 owls spread out along the street. Hit them all and they’ll knock some pieces down, build them then hit the snowman with X to get the piece.

Crest Piece: Go to the top but don’t go right – there’s a dig spot to the left. Dig up the snowball then ride it into the bowling pins for the piece.

Crest Piece: Move the giant snowball but don’t go inside. Go to the right and use the heavy chain.

Mischief Managed (3-3)

Crest Piece: There are 5 golden statues for you to destroy in this level. The first is in the very first room right next to you. After opening the big door with the 2 keys, the next is on the left. Continue down the hall and the next is behind some books/shelves. The last two are in the large room at the end of this hall, in either corner in front of you.

(DM) Crest Piece: After opening the big door in the above room, use DM on the right boulder.

Crest Piece: Once you’re in the area with Filch and his cat, there’s a black wall, use DM.

Crest Piece: In the hallway after using the invisibility potions, there’s a character in a painting holding the piece. Use a Slytherin character and wave at him.

The Shrieking Shack (3-4)

Crest Piece: During the tree boss, go to the left and use the dig spot. Then use DM on the chest.

Crest Piece: After beating the tree boss you’ll be underground. There are 5 corn stalks you need to destroy. 1 is right by the entrance, while 2 is on the right after you drop down the first pit. 3 is near the moving platfom section. You’ll come to a platform that can take you down or up. Go down and there’s 4 by the next root to pull out. 5 is right by where all the roots were blocking your exit.

Crest Piece: First, go to the left and use the dig spot. Then go all the way right to the heavy chain, pull it and go use RD on the closet on the top. Grab some earmuffs, run back to the cliff edge and grab the mandrake, then finally go break the glass case

Crest Piece: There are 5 black rocks you need to use DM on. 1 is at the top of the cliff near the mandrake. 2 is near the heavy chain. 3 is near the cauldron. 4 and 5 are both up the ladder when you get attacked by spiders.

Dementor’s Kiss (3-5)

Crest Piece: Go to the left in the garden and hit the birdcage to get the piece.

Crest Piece: After filling the pond, ride the frog through the checkpoints to get the piece.

Crest Piece: Knock down the record player to the lower portion. Then pick up the two black records in the area (one needs to be dug out) and use them on it to get the piece.

(DM) Crest Piece: After you knock the boulder down onto the pond, ignore the dementors and go to the right where the broken pieces are. WL up then go up to the black rocks. The middle one has the piece.

The Dark Tower (3-6)

Crest Piece: There are 5 glowing lamps you can hit. 1 is right near the start. 2 is just east near the gold chest, use WL to get rid of the ice. 3 is just past the ice you break, again use WL to unfreeze it. 4 is near the fountain. 5 is on the right after using the flowers to boost you up.

Crest Piece: After crossing the gap in the building, use a key character on the vault.

Crest Piece: You’ll have to move a purple gargoyle to have it smash a window for you. Jump inside then go into the right corner right beside the tablet/bookshelf.

Crest Piece: In this area there are 6 silver gargoyles you need to destroy. 1 and 2 are right next to where you put the purple gargoyle. 3 is above the door you came from. 4 is in the background right near the start of the bridge. 5 is similar to 4, but on the other side. 6 is right before the spiral staircase.

Year Four

The Quidditch World Cup (4-1)

Crest Piece: North of the rabid book is a tent you can use DM on.

Crest Piece: There are 8 small fires with a nearby barrel of water. Use WL on the barrel will put the fire out. The first is a bit right of your starting position. The second is along the wall on the left north of the starting position. Go right and past where Ron is stuck under a table is number 3. Continue right and past a tent with some studs in it is the 4th. Again continue right and past the Weasleys father (he’s stunned) is the 5th. Following the outer ‘wall’, the next is just a bit south, right near the potion cauldron. Now go west and you’ll end up at your starting position, and you’ll spot number 7 on the way. After you use an invisibility potion to get past the rabid book, the 8th is in plain sight in the clearing.

Crest Piece: In the second area after the cutscene, you’ll have to save 5 people in the area. The first is to the north after jumping over the fire, use the barrel to put the fire out. Then go south and you’ll find another wizard with some wreckage on him, use X to get rid of it. After moving the cart using the wheel, go south and there’s another person stuck under wreckage. Then head north for another person stuck behind fire. The last is near the purple potion ingredient, stuck behind a fire.

Crest Piece: Right after using the wheel to fix the cart, go south and there’s a pile of silver items. Break them then use the dig spot, then use a Ravenclaw character on the painting.

Dragons (4-2)

Crest Piece: You need to hit 9 glowing lamps. 1 is right beside the start. 2 is just past the red dragon. 3 is just after passing the first blue fires. 4 is near the green dragon you put the sleep. 5 and 6 are both right after the second blue fires. 7 is near the blue dragon. 8 is on the walkway right before the stackable Lego pieces. 9 is after you go down the walkway from those stacking pieces.

Crest Piece: When you get the xylophone, after putting the dragon to sleep hit the yellow piece a few times in a row.

Crest Piece: Right near the blue dragon, use DM on the pieces and a skeleton will fish out the piece from the tank of water.

Crest Piece: Right after the above collectable, go to the left and use RD on the two silver locks high up. WL the crate down, then build a dragon to access piece.

The First Task (4-3)

Crest Piece: During the level, rocks will be thrown on the path from offscreen. You need to use DM to lift them up and have the dragon destroy them. They are all very obvious to spot.

Crest Piece: In the first section, let the dragon hit all the rocks with his tail. Then use DM on the black rocks underneath.

Crest Piece: Pretty much unmissable – as you continue you’ll have to use 3 blocks to create a staricase up to the golden egg, it appears right at the top of the staircase.

Crest Piece: Continue running and after 2 more doorways, it will be just on the left.

The Secret of the Egg (4-4)

Crest Piece: After getting the shell in the water tank, the piece will show up inside – use the heavy chain to get it.

Crest Piece: There are 3 torches in the bathroom you can use WL on. One is on the far left, other two are on the far right.

Crest Piece: Directly across from the staircase is a book cabinet, use a book character to get the piece.

The Black Lake (4-5)

Crest Piece: There are 9 clams for you to hit with X. They tend to be in the background and foreground. The crest detector isn’t perfect but it will be close to where each clam is, so I would get that first. All the clams are in the first areas, before putting the fish on the tall stone to knock it over.

Crest Piece: There are 3 times in the level where there will be a rock you can use WL on twice to pull out some worms – then some creatures will come and grab them, hit the creatures. The first rock is right near the start. The second is after the sea creature holding the stone gateway, just after a small drop. The last is just after you start the third area. For the last one, you need to pull the anchors out of the ground on the far left and the far right, then put the worms in the rock.

Crest Piece: Right near the above collectable, there’s a DM chest – break it then WL the skeleton.

Creast Piece: Continue on and a squid will pump ink into the water. Use LS to get rid of all the ink and he’ll disappear, leaving behind the piece.

The Dark Lord Returns (4-6)

Crest Piece: At the start of the maze section there’s a DM wall to the left. Go through and use the dig spot.

Crest Piece: Eventually you’ll have to get an arrow from a pixie to continue. There’s a DM wall right near where you put the arrow – open it and go through to find a small area with the piece.

Crest Piece: During the maze sections, you need to use LS to get rid of 5 Devil’s Snares. 1 and 2 are after the second moving wall, just around the corner. 3 is just after the next 2 moving walls, on the right. In the second maze area, there’s on just to the left near the start, before the sphinx. The 5th is directly east from the sphinx.

Crest Piece: During the boss battle there are 3 skeletons you need to lift up with WL. One of the bottom left, another on the bottom right, and one in the top right.

Big thanks to our boy RadiantViper.

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