Lego Batman 2 All Vehicles Locations Guide

Another collectible that you will need to gather is Lego Batman 2 is find all the vehicles locations in Gotham city. The main requirement to start collecting the vehicles is that you must complete Level 4 Asylum Assignment. Below you fill find the complete list of all vehicles types and how much does it cost to unlock it.  Also do remember that this vehicles are only in Gotham City and don't try anywhere else besides North, Central and South side of Gotham City.

For more help with completing the game, unlocking items and locations then take a look at the Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Walkthrough or locations of all Red BricksGold BricksMinikit VehiclesCitizens in PerilCharacters.

North Island Vehicles


Type: Harley Quinn's Monster Truck (Land)
Location:  West Side of the Gotham Funland entrance parking lot
Cost: 1,000,000


Type: Giant Dodgem (Land)
Location: Gotham Funland Entrance
Cost: 500,000


Type: Lexcorp Limousine (Land)
Location: Yacht club's Parking Lot
Cost: 250,000


Type: Batman Dodgem (Land)
Location: Small lot to the east of the north island's Metro Station
Cost: 75,000


Type: Pumpkin Car (Land)
Location: North Island Scenic Southeast
Cost: 50,000


Central Island Vehicles


Type: Joker Digger (Land)
Location: Ace Chemicals Parking lot
Cost: 150,000


Type: Joker's Speedboat (Seacraft)

South Island Vehicles


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