The attack of cuccos

As usual in the saga here we can also find Cuccos, some chickens that live in the villages, and if we hit we can get some eggs. If we surpassed this action, we will have a deserved retaliation in the form of massive attack of cuccos, which curiously can also be used against enemies, as you can see in the video below.

Riding wild creatures

In Breath of the Wild can not only ride horses, too wild creatures as goats, deer and even bears. We can not register in the posts for later use, as with horses, but we can have a fun time.

We can even ride on magical creatures , like the Lord of the mountain , which we explain how to find and assemble.

SECRET TUTORIAL Dog’s Treasure Chests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Dogs Treasures

sireOn more than one occasion in the posts and villages you’ve seen some nice dogs , which you can feed pieces of fruit or meat . If you give of eating three or more pieces of food to a dog, it is very likely to take a walk and take you to the location of a treasure

These are the different treasures that can be found by dogs.

  • Hatelia village: silver rupee
  • This Akkala Posta: 10 Electrical arrows
  • Posta Akkala on: Mandoble of caballero
  • Posta Forest: 10 ice arrows
  • Posta Steppe: fragment star, throwing feathers
  • Bazar Sekken: Arch Knight
  • Onaona village: fragment star
  • Post de Farone: rupee plateada
  • Posta Lake: Launches Forest
  • Posta of the plain silver rupee
  • Posta cannon: 10 ice arrows
  • Subsequent to Idyllic , rupee Dorada
  • Posta Swamp: opal

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