League of Legends Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed

In the words of the study itself, Atheer is a magician with the ability to summon soldiers shuriman the battlefield and make these attack him. Added to this, the spells the character can manipulate both the location of it as his men, allowing them to stay out of enemy attacks. With this, the Emperor becomes a champion focused on the rights clicks.

Regarding this new character, Riot said that Atheer players seek to prove that the little soldiers control may be more beneficial than it seems, and not so tedious. So they created a system in which the control of small units should become paramount, allowing forge new long-range strategies.

League of Legends Azir Abilities

  • Passive: Will of the Emperor
  • Q: Conquering Sands
  • W: Arise!
  • E: Shifting Sands
  • R: Emperor’s Divide

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