Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Abilities Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Here you can find the Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Abilities for eah level as you play the video game. Below you can find the loat

Battle Frenzy (5 Levels)
With the death of each enemy, the damage dealt is increased sequentially.

Quake (5 Levels)
You smash the ground to create a tremor that damages enemies. Three attacks quickly can be chained together.

Wrath ( 6 Levels)
You will be able to take the enemies into the air and do the damage till landing back to the land. Smash the buttons quickly to do more damage.

Harpoon (4 Levels)
You can snag the enemy and pull it towards you. Heavy enemies can have the opposite effect.

War Cry (6 Levels)
A scream that reduces enemy’s damaging abilities. Can even knock out enemies at higher power.

Brutal Weaponry I-IV (3 Levels)
Some special attacks for the Long Sword, Hammer and Great Sword are unlocked.

Longsword Mastery (6 Levels)
Longsword damage is increased.

Greatsword Mastery (6 Levels)
Greatsword effectiveness is increased.

Hammer Mastery (6 Levels)
Effectiveness of Hammer is increased.

Concussive Force (5 Levels)
Stunned enemies deal more damage.

Bulwark (5 Levels)
Your defense is improved and enemies’ attacks can bounce off from the armor.

Skillful Defense (5 Levels)
Your shield is improved to block more intensive attacks.

Relentless Assault (6 Levels)
You get a short resistance against resistance at the cost of armor.

Adrenaline Surge (Levels 5)
The chance of death (when your health goes below 25%) grants you a surge that increases your health and the damage.


These abilities will teach you the art of precision and accuracy. Moves like stabbing, slicing and poisoning will be your specialty.

Smoke Bomb (5 Levels)
A smoke bomb creates a smoke screen that can blind enemies for a small duration.

Shadow Flare (5 Levels)
Caste a shadow magic in an arc to do the damage. The ability can be chained with a volley of blades quickly to do the piercing and bleeding damage.

Gambit (6 Levels)
A leap spreads explosive on the field below to create a vast damage radius.

Frost Trap (4 Levels)
A frost trap can be places which on explosion will inflict all the enemies nearby.

Blade Honing (6 Levels)
The critical damage of the sharp weapons (swords, daggers etc) is increased which can actually cut through the enemies.

Lunge (5 Levels)
You can lunge past your opponents at a fast pace and then attack them from behind.

Assassins Art (6 Levels)
Your stealth skills are improved. You can even kill an enemy with single blow if the ability is improved to that level.

Precise Weaponry I-IV (3 Levels)
Some special attacks for Daggers and Faeblades are unlocked.

Dagger Master (6 Levels)
The effectiveness of Dagger is improved.

Faeblade Master (6 Levels)
The effectiveness of Faeblade is improved.

Longbow Mastery (6 Levels)
The effectiveness of Longbow is improved.

Execution (5 Levels)
You can deal higher damage to the bleeding foes.

Envenomed Edge (6 Levels)
All your edged weapons are poisoned that can slow down the enemies.


Master the art of magic and cast annihilating spells, heal yourself and summon creatures from other worlds. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it ? You can wield scepters, staves and chakrams.

Summon Faer Gorta (6 Levels)
You can summon a Faer Gorta that will fight by your side for 120 seconds.

Healing Surge (5 Levels)
Your wounds get healed, which restores your health.

Elemental Rage (5 Levels)
Elements of Fire, Ice and Lightening are chained together into devastating attacks.

Sphere of Protection (6 Levels)
It’s like a protection shield that blocks the incoming attacks.

Mark of Flame (5 Levels)
It’s like a magical c4 charge. Mark your enemies with the flame and then press the button to detonate them.

Meteor (5 Levels)
A Meteor is called from above dealing massive damage in the radius of effectiveness.

Storm Bolt (6 Levels)
An electrical energy pulse can deal Lightening and shock damage. Can also stun enemies at higher levels.

Tempest (5 Levels)
A lightening storm is summoned from the heavens that burns the enemies to ashes.

Ice Barrage (5 Levels)
Freezing shards are fired into the air which on landing deal ice and freezing damage.

Arcane Weaponry I-IV (3 Levels)
Some special attacks for Staff, Chakrams and Sceptre are unlocked.

Sceptre Mastery (6 Levels)
The effectiveness of Sceptre is increased.

Chakrams Mastery (6 Levels)
The effectiveness of Chakrams is increased.

Staff Mastery (6 Levels)
The effectiveness of Staff is increased.

Conservative Casting (5 Levels)
Your abilities consume lesser Mana.


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