Infinity Ward and Neversoft will merge

In June 2013 we reported that Neversoft, developers of Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero , working on a Call of Duty . However, unaware to what extent they were involved in the project. A supposed internal memo from Activision could reveal new information.

The message sent by Eric Hirshberg, president of Activision Publishing, reads: "As you know, Neversoft and Infinity Ward worked for the development of Call of Duty: Ghosts . And during that process, it was clear that the 2 studies have complementary skills . Between these two excellent studies, it appears that a single 'super studio' could emerge.

"The impact of his 20 years of hard work and success can not be overstated. As I mentioned, we are combining these two talented teams and obviously we must choose a name for the new study. Given that Infinity Ward is indelibly tied to the franchise Call of Duty is the sensible option. Though it will be strange not to see the logo of Neversoft in future games, the important things-like talent of his team, his creativity, professionalism and commitment to creative excellence-not change as part of this new chapter . "

The merger also means there will be administrative changes. For example, Dave Stohl, Executive Vice President of Activision studios worlwide supposedly be assigned to lead the new study, while its current leader, Steve Ackrich, also will assume an administrative role.

Activision did not state anything about it, but expect an official announcement soon, as well as output and Joel Jewett Scott Pease, Neversoft veterans who decided to retire from gaming and supposedly remain during the transition, but then leave the study .

 If true the report, we would no longer see Neversoft logo in any game

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