Infinite Warfare Zombies how to get Dischord wonder weapon

Infinite Warfare Zombies how to get Dischord wonder weapon

In this guide will provide you in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare zombies on how to get the Dischord wonder weapon and provide you with all the different steps that you need to take to completing them and eventually you will acquire the Dischord in Zombies in Spaceland.  Below take a look at all the different parts and their steps taht you will need to do to be able to build the weapon and get it.

TOC: Walkthrough | Shredder Wonder Weapon

How to get Dischord wonder weapon in Zombies in Spaceland

Part 1 Battery Piece that is part of the UI and is on the left side.

  • Acquire the Shades and shoot 5 targets around the map (locations below), then the piece will spawn on Dance Floor in Arcade.
    • Spawn/Junction:
      • In spawn atop the hedge
      • In the junction hanging over the deposit ATM
      • Under the bridge going to Polar Peak
      • To the left of the giant mouth of the roller coasterWithin Arcade:
    • Above the power switch, parallel to the ceiling
      • Inside one of claw machines on the bottom floor
      • Inside the window on the top floor
      • Behind the cardboard cutout of the alien across from the prize desk
      • Behind the Prize Desk laying on the floor
      • On the top floor, in the trashcan against the Demon Attack game
    • Back of Arcade:
      • Hanging to the left of Blue Bolts inside a store window
      • Inside the bumper-cars area, tucked behind the cars piled up in the corner
      • In a cavern on the left side when going from the Astrocade to Polar Peak

Part 2 Disco Ball Piece is on the middle section of the UI

  1. Red, Green, and Blue Souvenir Tokens in Machine outside of Arcade

Part 3 Ruby Piece located to the right in the UI

  1. Purchase an Arcane Core (300 Tickets)
  2. Purchase Golden Teeth (300 Tickets)
  3. Have the Gator in the Kepler System close his mouth on a Brute, place Golden Teeth where Teeth broke off
  4. Travel to Pack-A-Punch, hold square on the Ritual Stand to spawn the Mini UFOs
  5. Travel to the Astrocade, get 15-24 kills within 1 use of the Disco Trap
  6. The UFO will now change paths, follow it and get kills near it with your Arcane Weapon
  7. Once complete, the UFO will drop a ball of light, hold square to acquire, and it will upgrade your weapon with the Laser element
  8. Head back to the Gator’s mouth, shoot the 3rd circle on the machine in its mouth with your upgraded weapon, it will open, giving you the crystal

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