Infinite Warfare adding New Fresh Content such Custom Emblems, Higher Prestige Levels and more

The Infinity Ward team has just provided some great news as they have stated that for Infinite Warfare they will be adding Custom Emblems, Higher Prestige levels for the most skilled players along with challenges and new missions in the upcoming updates to the game.

Along with this they have added the 360 view on your gear that will be available soon so you can see it from all the different angles when previewing it.

Also the Infinity Ward team will be adding more fresh content to keep the game entertaining for everyone.

We’re going to be adding in new content on a regular basis to keep gameplay fresh. Be sure to visit the Quartermaster regularly to see what new items your robot friend has to offer.

So if you are new or already own Infinite Warfare you are in for some new items that will keep you more into the game.  Check our links to know more about zombies and Infinite Warfare.

Let me know what you think about all these new items that the Infinity Team is working on?

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