iGame GTX650 Ti occupies a single PCI slot

iGame GTX650 Ti occupies a single PCI slot which was announced by Colorful

iGame GTX650 Ti

Colorful announced the first NVIDIA GTX650 Ti that occupies a single PCI expansion slot. His name is Colorful iGame GTX650Ti 1Gb Buri-Slim, and is based on the design Colorful and successfully used in iGame GTS450 1G Buri-Slim. 

For this model were not used conventional solid capacitors for saving space in height, and instead are high-C capacitors used in addition to the MOSFET POSCAP ON SEMI, which have a great efficiency. These MOSFETs have 3 +1 phase VRM on.Additionally, chokes have been installed through the PCB, and this is literal, as they traverse the graph PCB.

The heat sink base has a pure copper to improve heat transfer, and works with a turbine fan pushes air through the aluminum foil connected to the copper base. Sink shroud is not plastic, but aluminum, giving it a more stylized, and also contributes to heat dissipation. This Colorful iGame GTX650Ti Slim Buri-operates with a clock frequency of 928Mhz and 5400 Mhz memory effect. Your video outputs are two DVI ports and a mini HDMI.

It is still unknown the price and availability of this graphics card but the good thing is that is made for gaming and you will be able to play games with no problem. What do you think about the features of this new Graphic card by NVIDIA.



source techpowerup

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