Hyrule Warriors Piece of Heart Locations Guide

Our Hyrule Warriors Piece of Heart Locations Guide will help you in finding all the Piece of Hearts in the as you progress through it. Currently there is about one Piece of Heart per mission or level in the game and we will outline below where you can find each Piece of Heart in the game. Our Guide will also gives information on how to unlock every Heart Container in the game. 

Warriors boasts thirteen playable Warriors, each with their own Health Bar. When it comes to obtaining Piece of Hearts and Pieces of Heart, each Warrior has to grab their own. That means, when a Scenario in Adventure Mode or Legend Mode has a Piece of Heart or a Piece of Heart, you can collect it only with the Warrior who’s shown with it. If you attempt to grab one of these items without the indicated Warrior, it’ll show up as a generic brown chest with nothing but Rupees inside. 

While playing multiplayer, players can find Piece of Hearts and Pieces of Heart for the listed Warriors so long as one player is playing as the Warrior listed next to the items. The chest containing the item will appear, but it can only be claimed by the player playing the listed Warrior.

In Hyrule Warriors, you’ll find health-boosting items called Piece of Hearts and Pieces of Heart. Piece of Hearts permanently increase the health of the Warrior that finds by one, but you’ll need to collect four Pieces of Heart to accomplish the same goal.

Each Legend Mode Scenario has a Piece of Heart and a Piece of Heart that can be found only with the specific Warriors listed in the Scenario details. Most of these items can be found by capturing Keeps or blowing up boulders with Bombs.

 TOC: Walkthrough Piece of Heart Locations | Heart Container Locations | Gold Skulltula Locations

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