Hyrule Warriors Enemies and Materials Guide

In Hyrule Warriors you have materials that are needed to purchase potions and do various objectives in the game. Each enemy has a chance to drop one of a set number of items, each with a different colored Material bag. Bronze Materials are the most common, while Gold are the most rare.

TOC: Walkthrough Piece of Heart Locations | Heart Container Locations | Gold Skulltula Locations | Unlock Potions Guide | Enemis and Materials

Enemy Bronze Drop Silver Drop Gold Drop
Bulblin Metal Plate
Stalkid Monster Tooth
Bokoblin Old Rag
Hylian Soldier Soldier’s Uniform
Goron Rock
Aeralfos Aeralfos Leather Round Aeralfos Shield
Fiery Aeralfos Fiery Aeralfos Leather Fiery Aeralfos Wing
Gibdo Gibdo Bandage Heavy Gibdo Sword
ReDead Knight ReDead Bandage ReDead Knight Ashes
Lizalfos Lizalfos Scale Lizalfos Gauntlet
Dinolfos Dinolfos Scale Dinolfos Arm Guard
Moblin Moblin Flank Moblin Spear
Shield Moblin Shield Moblin Helmet Metal Moblin Shield
Darknut Piece of Darknut Armor Large Darknut Sword
Stalmaster Stalmaster Wrist Bone Stalmaster’s Skull
Big Poe Big Poe Necklace Big Poe’s Lantern
Icy Big Poe Essence of Icy Big Poe Icy Big Poe’s Talisman
Hylian Captain Hylian Captain Gauntlet Holy Hylian Shield
Goron Captain Goron Armor Breastplate Thick Goron Helmet
Link Link’s Boots Link’s Scarf
Impa Impa’s Hair Band Impa’s Breastplate
Sheik Sheik’s Kunai Sheik’s Turban
Lana Lana’s Hair Clip Lana’s Cloak
Midna Midna’s Hair Midna’s Fused Shadow
Darunia Darunia’s Spikes Darunia’s Bracelet
Fi Fi’s Heels Fi’s Crystal
Zelda Zelda’s Brooch Zelda’s Tiara
Agitha Agitha’s Basket Agitha’s Pendant
Ruto Ruto’s Earrings Ruto’s Scale
Volga Volga’s Helmet Volga’s Dragon Spear
Wizzro Wizzro’s Robe Wizzro’s Ring
Cia Cia’s Bracelet Cia’s Staff
Ghirahim Ghirahim’s Sash Ghirahim’s Cape
Zant Zant’s Magic Gem Zant’s Helmet
Ganondorf Ganondorf’s Gauntlets Ganondorf’s Jewel
King Dodongo King Dodongo’s Claws King Dodongo’s Crystal
Gohma Gohma’s Acid Gohma’s Lens
Manhandla Manhandla’s Toxic Dust Manhandla’s Sapling
Argorok Argorok’s Embers Argorok’s Stone
The Imprisoned The Imprisoned’s Scales The Imprisoned’s Pillar
Ganon Ganon’s Mane Ganon’s Fang

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